The Good Fox

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Mother fox is going to tell her kits a story. Let’s listen.

“This is the story of the good fox. She lived in the forest in a den just like our den. It was spring time. She woke up and was very hungry. She needed some food for dinner. She had no food left in her den. She walked through the forest to go to the town. Many stores in the town had food. She needed to find a store with food. She met her friend crow. He was very hungry, also.

She walked by the toy store. She saw balls and boats. She saw planes and trains. But, she saw no food. The fox was still hungry and now she was sad.

Maybe there was no food store in town. She would walk on and see.

Next, she came to the clothing store. She saw shoes and shorts. She saw skirts and shirts. But, she saw no food. There was not a thing to eat in the clothing store. The fox was still hungry and now she was sadder.

In a minute she came to the book store. She saw books about bats and birds. She saw books about monkeys and donkeys. But, she did not see any food. The fox was still hungry and now she was even sadder. Where could she find some food?

The fox walked and saw the meat market . She saw the butcher chopping meat into thick slices. Ah! Food at last! The fox wished she could have some meat. Meat costs money and the fox had no money. She was still very hungry and very sad. How could she get money to buy meat?

She walked by the bread and cheese store. She saw a woman making cheese. The baker was making delicious bread. The fox wished she could have some bread and cheese. But, bread and cheese cost money and the fox had no money. What could she do? She was now hungrier and sadder.

Far away in a field, she saw a farmer planting apple trees. He looked very tired. He had been planting trees all morning. She had an idea. She would go help him. That would be the kind thing to do.

The fox ran to the field. She dug holes for the apple trees. She dug the holes very fast and in a very straight line. The farmer was very happy. He was very tired and the fox helped him plant the rest of his trees. He gave her three coins and said, “Thank you.”

The fox barked, “You’re welcome,” put the coins her mouth and ran back to the town. She was very happy. Now, she had money to buy food. Where do you think she would go? To the clothing store? To the book store? To the toy store? No, those stores do not have food. She would go to the stores that have food.

At the bread and cheese store, she bought bread and cheese. She paid the baker two coins.

At the meat market, she bought a thick slice of meat. She paid the butcher one coin.

She ran by the bookstore. The books about donkeys, monkeys, birds, and bats were still there. She ran by the clothing store. The shirt, skirt, shorts, and shoes were still there. She ran by the toy store. The train, plane, boat, and ball were still there.

The fox ran into the forest. She was still very hungry but now she was happy. She ran to her den and saw her friend , Crow. He was sad and still very hungry. She gave her friend the bread.

She barked to call her kits. They came out and ate the cheese. She ate the meat. Crow ate the bread. Now, everyone was happy and not hungry, anymore. She was a very good fox.“

Mother Fox asked her kits, “Did you like that story?”

One kit said, “Yes, she was a very smart and good fox.”

The other kit said, “The good fox had two kits and a friend named Crow. Are you the good fox?”

Mother Fox said nothing. She only smiled.

Moral: Be kind. Help others.


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