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There are several things that I’m passionate about. God…kids…storytelling…and history are just a few of them.

I love a good story and take great pleasure in sharing it with others.

While I enjoy telling all kinds of stories, some of my favorites are historical fiction, especially Biblical history and American history. My hope is that kids will be as excited as I am about what God has done in the past through people who are committed to Him. To me, history is not a dull set of dates and facts but adventures of people doing great things for God and country.

I have taught Bible, history, and missions for many years, conducting fun and educational children’s programs in schools and churches. My goals have always been to help children know God and fulfill His plan for their lives.

I hope to share some of my own fictional stories with you and I trust that they will inspire children to follow God, be strong and courageous, and grow to be leaders in this challenging world.

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