Hi, I’m Brian, the creator of Short Kid Stories, the home of short stories for kids.

I live in Dublin with my wife and two daughters. I love stories and story-telling and the wonderful benefits of reading to children. You can never have enough short stories for kids.

I have a busy day job, but in my spare time I do enjoy writing, particularly short stories. My daughters also keep me very busy with made-up-on-the-spot stories being demanded on an almost daily basis.

My original background is softwImage of Brian - the creator of Short Kid Stories and lover of short stories for kidsare engineering  and I also enjoy web design as a hobby. This site is the combination of two great interests – story-telling and the web. I really do hope it is a helpful resource on the web for people looking for good-quality classic and original short stories for kids.

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Yours sincerely,

Brian Thomas Martin