Santa’s Helpers

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Way up in the North Pole lives Santa, of course.

And there in his workshop is Santa’s workforce.

They’re nine little elves who work hard every day.

Creating the treasures that fill Santa’s sleigh.


There’s Fricky and Flim-Flub, Gulbert and Flux,

Clotworthy, Glibberstein, Walworth and Snucks.

But the littlest elf is the star of the show.

He’s everyone’s favorite, Billy Bo-Bo.


Now, Billy Bo-Bo is a great friend to all,

With so many good friends, gigantic and small.

He chats with the penguins and talks to the whales.

He visits the walruses, dolphins and snails.


They’re very good friends and there’s so many more.

That live in the sea and along the seashore.

Yet none of the other elves ever have seen,

His two very best friends, Pu-nor and Mu-keen.


Each day Billy visits these mystery friends.

Who live by the sea where the great river ends.

He jumps on his skis and then scurries away.

When his work is all done at the end of the day.


Some elves say they’re sea lions, some think that they’re birds.

Some say that they’re creatures that run in great herds.

But Billy just chuckles at their guessing games.

His friends are a secret, except for their names.


One gray autumn day Santa said to his elves,

“I’m going away; you’ll be all by yourselves.

I’m taking the sled dogs and Mrs. Claus too.

So watch over things, I’m depending on you.


We’re visiting Inuit friends far away.

And won’t return home for the rest of the day.

If all goes as planned we should be back by nine.”

“Don’t worry,” said Snucks. “The workshop will be fine.”


But not very long after Santa went out.

The workshop was disturbed by a terrible shout.

“The wolves have returned!” Fricky said with great fright.

“And Santa won’t be back until late tonight!”


“Oh dear me,” said Walworth, his face turning blue.

“With Santa away, what on earth will we do?”

“Quick, let’s take a roll call,” Clotworthy then said.

So they stood side-by-side for a count of each head.


There was Fricky and Flim-Flub, Gulbert and Flux,

Clotworthy, Glibberstein, Walworth and Snucks.

But at once, in a panic, they searched high and low

For, one elf was missing,…..Billy-Bo Bo!


Then they looked out and saw those wolves darting around.

And their terrible howls made a bloodcurdling sound

As they rushed toward the barn where each one of them tried

To get to the terrified reindeer inside.


And since reindeer only can fly in December

They couldn’t escape on that day in November.

And all they could do was to frantically wait

And hope Santa Claus wouldn’t get there too late.


The wolves knocked and kicked at the wobbly barn door.

They gouged and they pulled and they rammed and they tore

While the reindeer inside the barn gathered in fear

And desperately wished Santa soon would appear.


But then, all at once, with a twist and a sway

The tattered and flimsy old barn door gave way.

And the wolves stepped inside and they howled with delight

As the poor terrified reindeer trembled with fright.


Then Fricky cried out, “We must do something now!

We’ll fight and we’ll rescue the reindeer somehow!”

So he pulled out a log from the fireplace and dashed

To the barn where he swung and he stabbed and he lashed.


And each of the other brave elves did the same.

And the wolves became startled, in fear of each flame.

But slowly they crept and began to draw near

To the elves who had clustered together in fear.

Then, little by little, the torches grew weak

And the largest wolf grinned and he started to speak.

“My brave little friends,” he said, “There is no doubt

That the flames in your small torches soon will go out.


And when they do, my little friends, have no fear

That many more, just like us, soon will be near.

For word will be sent from the west to the east

Inviting all wolves to our reindeer-elf feast.”


Then all of those evil wolves started to howl.

And soon the elves heard other wolves on the prowl.

For their horrible shrieks were heard mile after mile

And the head-wolf looked on with his sinister smile.


His mouth watered as he admired his prey

While the flames, one by one, slowly faded away.

And soon the last torch flickered out and was gone.

And the poor elves all feared that they’d seen their last dawn.


They stood and they clung to each other in fear.

As the dreadful wolves started to slowly draw near

They howled and they slobbered while slowly they crept.

Then little by little, more quickly they stepped.


And then, in a frenzy, they started to charge

Led on by the head-wolf, whose teeth were so large.

They were inches away with their mouths opened wide…..

When the sound of a distant horn came from outside.


The wolves stopped at once as they heard that faint sound.

And the evil head-wolf turned himself all around.

Then he peered at a group that was now drawing near.

And suddenly he began howling with fear.


For there, on his skis, was the small missing elf

Who had come to the rescue, but not by himself.

Alongside of Billy Bo-Bo could be seen

His two very best friends, Pu-nor and Mu-keen.

The elf had been visiting his secret friends

Far away, by the sea, where the great river ends.

When suddenly they’d heard the wolves’ distant cry.

And the three friends took off in the wink of an eye.


And now Billy’s mystery had become clear

As everyone saw the three friends drawing near.

And the wolves became frozen with petrified stares.

Billy’s mystery friends were two great polar bears!


Then the two bears let out with great deafening roars

That shook up the mountains and rocked the seashores.

And the wolves slipped and tripped and collided as they

Very desperately tried to get far, far away.


For they knew, against polar bears, they were no match

For even their sharp teeth would not make a scratch.

So they fled from the North Pole, the whole dreadful pack.

And everyone knew they would never come back.


Then just before nine o’clock Santa returned

And shook with surprise and great joy when he learned

All about the elves’ valor when he was away

And declared a great party be held the next day.


And many friends came, some from far, some from near

To hear of the rescue of Santa’s reindeer.

And the great honored guests were Pu-nor and Mu-keen.

And next to the great bears, nine elves could be seen.


There was Fricky and Flim-Flub, Gulbert and Flux,

Clotworthy, Glibberstein, Walworth and Snucks.

And there, next to Santa, his face all aglow,

Sat the littlest hero, Billy Bo-Bo!

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