Little Dinosaur vs. Big Dinosaur

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There is a big dinosaur at the playground entrance door, scaring Little Dinosaur when he tries to come into play.

Little Dinosaur is afraid of the giant dinosaur because he is telling Little Dinosaur not to come inside the playground in a very mean way.

Little Dinosaur runs to mama and mama says, “Go play, it’s OK.”

Little Dinosaur tries again, but the big dinosaur keeps coming back to intimidate Little Dinosaur and then he runs to mama again.

Mama one more time says, “It’s OK, my baby, it’s OK, try again.”

Little Dinosaur goes back to the playground entrance one more and time, and there you have this mean big dinosaur scaring Little Dinosaur again.

Little Dinosaur is afraid, very afraid, and runs towards mama, one more time, again!

But this time, mama kneels down to reach the little dinosaur left ear and whispered something like this:

“You are strong, he is just a mean, big dinosaur, but you are strong, and go again!”

This time something has changed in Little Dinosaur’s mind. He has found courage to face Big Dinosaur and without hesitating, he walked towards the entrance of the playground.

Big Dinosaur sees him coming inside and tried to make him feel bad, but Little Dinosaur stands up really firm in front of him and says, “I am not afraid of you anymore, I just want to play and if you want you can also come with me and play.”

Big Dinosaur is impressed and says, “OK!”

And that is how Little Dinosaur and Big Dinosaur became the best of friends.

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2 thoughts on “Little Dinosaur vs. Big Dinosaur

  1. Julia

    This is simple story with a theme close to the heart of young readers, and with classic repetition which finally breaks its pattern, and I think will be a hit with the intended age group.


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