The Green Shoes

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Once Upon a time, Stuart the mouse was walking to the mall with his mom, Yolanda mouse.

“Stuart, please stay right next to me when we are at the mall, because it’s very crowded there so it would be easy for you to get lost,”  Yolanda mouse tells him.

When Stuart and Yolanda get to the mall, Stuart wants to go to the shoe store to look at all of the shoes in the window, Stuart has wanted the green pair of shoes in the window for a very long time.

“Stuart come with me please to the laundromat, I need to do some laundry, and I was hoping to get it done today,” Yolanda mouse tells him.

Stuart follows his mom to the laundromat, not thinking about anything but how much he wanted those green shoes.

The laundromat was very close to the shoe store, so maybe he could sneak away for a couple of minutes without Yolanda noticing.

While Yolanda is busy putting the laundry in, Stuart sneaks away to the shoe store to look at the shoes in the window.

After a while looking, he decides to go back to the laundromat, to ask his mom if he could maybe get the green shoes he really wanted in the window.

But when Stuart goes back, Yolanda is nowhere to be seen. He goes back outside to the giant crowds of people but he still can’t seem to find her.

He goes back to the shoe store, nothing.

At this point Stuart doesn’t know what to do so he sits down in a corner to cry.

“I should’ve listened to her,” he says before putting his head down.

About an hour later he feels somebody shake him awake.

He looks up to see Yolanda. “Stuart, I was so scared, I told you to never leave my side,” she says to Stuart.

“I’m so sorry Mom, I’ll never leave your side again.”

Stuart gets up and hugs Yolanda, then they start to walk home.

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