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Dave was born and raised in Yorkshire where he currently lives near Leeds. He initially worked in horticulture following obtaining an HND at Askham Bryan College, then he changed career path in 1996 and started working in health and social care, he worked at both day services and residential settings. During this time he also obtained a management level diploma in health and social care organisations.

Dave worked in a health and social care setting full time for nearly twenty three years for one Yorkshire based employer and also a national charity before leaving and becoming a carer for family, volunteer worker, campaigner and writer. Dave supports organisations and charities that focus on supporting the vulnerable in society including mental health awareness and animal welfare. Dave is an animal lover and member of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society amongst others and a cat owner. Dave has also over the years done lots of volunteering work and travelled to some of the most unusual destinations, well off the normal tourist routes.

Dave has also been actively involved with his local RAOB branch as a member since 1998, the RAOB is a long established charitable and benevolent organisation.

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