Right to Education

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Once upon a time, a girl named Rima lived in Garden city, Bangalore. She was a lively child who loved playing, studying, writing short stories, dancing, and singing. She was a bright student of the Indian International School.

One day her father got some work in their native village; Rima was pleased to hear the news. She convinced her father to accompany him on the trip. It was a matter of two days, so her father agreed. She packed her luggage and was very excited to visit their village.

When she reached there, she saw the kaccha houses / temporary houses made of mud or clay. She felt the quietness of village life. There were areas full of greenery where one could breathe fresh air. Cattle were moving around, and farmers were working in the field. Children were playing and enjoying themselves. Then she saw some boys going to a village school and girls going to farms with sharp knives. It was weird to her. She thought, “Why are girls not going to school?”

She followed one girl named Bindra to the farm. Rima asked her, “Hi, why are you not going to school?”

Bindra said, ” I never went to school. My brother goes to school, and I help my parents on the farm.” Her answer shocked Rima.

Then she told Bindra that according to the Constitution of India, “free and compulsory education for the age group of six to fourteen years is the Fundamental Right of all children.”

Ahe continued, “So it would help if you went to school, and afterwards you can help your parents. And every citizen of India is treated as equal, and there is no difference between boys and girls. Governments have created equal opportunities for everyone. So, we should follow it.”

These words touched Bindra because she also wanted to study like her brother. So she promised that henceforth she would also go to school to fulfil her dreams and be a strength for her parents.

The moral of the story is that education gives us identity and helps us make the right decisions.

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