On Bicycles Built for Two

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After supper on summer nights it’s time to take a ride,

On bicycles-built-for-two with my dad and brother as guide.

We all have matching helmets and pants and shoes that glow,

And an air pump in our basket in case our tires go low.


The water bottles are filled with ice so our drinks stay cool,

‘Cause if we get hot and we’re on a trail, we won’t be near a pool.

Mom and I pack snacks to eat, ones that sure won’t melt,

Apples work best and Dad will carry a knife strapped to his belt.


Down the trail single file and always stay to the right,

The trail can be quite crowded; we try to keep things tight.

Dad points out a baby rabbit and a hawk up in a tree,

Snakes or lizards would be what my brother wants to see.


I love the cool wind in my face when we ride quite fast,

And seeing the lazy river flow by as we all move past.

I can ride without my hands since Mom will guide the way,

And lift my feet up in the air as long as we don’t sway.


Mosquitoes buzzing, sun is setting, soon it will be night,

Dad wants everything put away while it still is light.

Going home won’t make me sad ‘cause I know before long,

We’ll be pedaling down the trail, whistling a happy song!

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