Noah’s Magic Key

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Upon waking one morning,
In a daze of stretching and yawning,
Noah felt something strange in his bed,
‘What could this be?’ he said scratching his head.
He held it to the light so that he could see,
‘Wow!’ he cried, ‘A magic key!’

Noah sprung out of bed, quick as a flash,
‘I must find its lock’, he said in a dash.
At the front door to his home, Noah stood,
Prodding his key into the bright shiny wood.

‘Oh no,’ Noah sighed, ‘it’s not a match.’
He stared in wonder at the door still un-latched.
‘I know!’ he cried, ‘For the back door it’ll be!’
‘Surely here I will find the lock for my key!’

Once again the door stayed shut tight,
Noah looked at his key shining bright.
He imagined the secret world’s it could uncover,
Maybe dinosaurs, aliens or sweet shops amongst others!

‘I must find its lock,’ Noah thought,
Hour upon hour he sought and sought.
But as the day began to close and the night became near,
He decided to end his search and sighed, ‘Oh dear.’

There Noah sat, upon his face was a frown,
‘Oh, Noah!’ Mummy cried, ‘Why are you so down?’
‘I’ve searched and I’ve searched all day,’ said he,
‘I’ll never find the lock that fits my key.’

Mummy glanced at his palm and smiled and with glee,
With a twinkle in her eye, she whispered, ‘Follow me.’
Noah followed his mother to her great jewellery chest,
She pulled out a shiny gold locket she always kept for best.

Mummy slotted in the key and opened it out wide,
Noah saw smiling photos of himself as he peered inside.
‘My darling,’ she said, ‘this is the lock you see,’
‘You hold the key to my heart and forever it will be.’

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6 thoughts on “Noah’s Magic Key

  1. Julie Williams

    What a beautiful story very touching and definitely shows the bond between a mother and child.

  2. Tomas

    A great little find and story to read to my nephew who thoroughly enjoyed it being read to him.
    Carnt wait for the next one!!

  3. Jennie Wittenbach

    Noah’ Magic Key is a good rhyming story. One wonders, though, how the key got into his bed. In the 4th verse, “worlds” should not have an ‘s.


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