Rascal Cat Brothers

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Hi, my name is Midnight, and this is the story of how I went from a happy, only child, to somehow being given this guy, my baby brother named Snowball.

There I was, incredibly happy that Mommy had come home finally so we could cuddle, and then all of a sudden, I smell another cat. Noooooo!

I was not happy. I hissed to make it go away and ran away from it.

But then he hid under the bed. All night.

I decided I would go sit by the bed and look for him.

I may not have been happy yet, but I wanted to make him feel better.

Mommy calls the little brother Snowball.

When Snowball came out from under the bed, I saw how small he was and figured maybe I can push him around, being the big brother now and all.

Wrestling with my new little brother was fun because I always won.

Little did I know I only won because he was so small.

Now Mommy laughs any time we wrestle because according to her, Snowball lets me win.

Nahhhhh, I pin Snowball down and look around like I am the king of this house, even if he is five pounds heavier than me now.

Mommy buys more toys and lots of new food for me and Snowball.

We even have two cat trees. And a new tent we can hide in. And a tunnel to run in.

Wow, do I love all the new toys we get.

I found out this guy likes to cuddle too! We cuddle together on top of Mommy’s legs now all the time.

I think I may like this new little brother after all.

He is very silly and seems to find fun things to do I did not think of.

He actually climbed up Mommy’s clothes onto the high shelf in her closet.

I love to be up high too but wow, that was super high.

We have the best Mommy; she did not even get mad. She actually smiled and laughed when she saw him.

Boy, that Snowball gets into all kinds of shenanigans.

Mommy and I heard a sound in the bathroom.

Do you know Snowball was up on the second-highest shelf?

He just looked out at me and Mommy like, “What? I’m not doing anything.”

We both just laughed at him. There may never be a dull day with this one in the house and I think that is simply fine.

I love being up high like Snowball, but I like being high in the cat tree more.

Snowball lets me always lounge around on the highest leg on both cat trees; I can be pretty lazy.

Snowball can take all the fun high points in the house long as I can keep my hiding spots, like under the sink.

Sometimes when I am hiding, I will watch Mommy look all over for me calling my name.

Do I come out? Nope, I wait until she finds me; sometimes it takes a while.

I do not really understand why it takes so long since I am sitting the whole time.

She just shakes her head and laughs and gives me lots of pets.

I love to hide and watch Mom.

We all know I love to be pet and cuddled, but that Snowball he likes his butt scratched!

Mommy calls it booty scratches.

Do you know his back legs and butt go up in the air like an elevator?

Mommy laughs and scratches his booty when he does this.

She calls him the big booty king and thinks it is really funny.

Me? I only like my booty rubbed when I am eating my food.

Mommy did that when I first came to live with her, and it felt really good.

It made me start to like her. I think it is when we first began to build a bond.

Me and our mommy we have a special bond.

I talk to my mommy all the time and love to get my belly rubbed.

Snowball purrs a lot more than he talks but I think he has a special bond with our mommy too.

We say I love you to her by marking her with our scent.

I rub my face on Mommy’s face to show that I love her, and she is my mommy.

Snowball for some reason loves feet and rubs his face all over our mommy’s feet.

Mommy just laughs and I think she likes it when he does that.

Oh, yea Snowball loves shoes too. He will lay down on our mommy’s shoes and fall asleep.

I do not know why he likes shoes, sometimes they smell.

Yes, I think we both have an incredibly special bond with our mommy.

Now off to see what other shenanigans me and the little brother can get into.

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