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The day was warm and sunny, and Imani and Lily were going to the beach. Imani was taking her little bird called Silver, and Lily was taking her pet butterfly called Pinkie.

They loved going to the beach, swimming and playing in the sand were their favourite activities. As they walked down onto the sand they saw two boys they knew, their names were Dru and Logan. The boys were always teasing and bullying the girls, both Lily and Imani wanted to show the boys that what they did to them was hurtful. Both boys were going surfing and the girls decided to make them know that everybody has feelings and it wasn’t nice to hurt others.

The girls hatched a plan, they took the boys’ surfboards and replaced them with two turtles. The boys were so busy being nasty to everybody that they didn’t notice their boards had been replaced. As they paddled out to the surf, the turtles headed out to sea, taking Dru and Logan with them. The boys didn’t know what was happening, how were their surfboards swimming without them paddling. All of a sudden Dru looked into the water and he could see a head and flippers, and he yelled to Logan, “my surfboard has a head and flippers, these aren’t surfboards, they are turtles.”

They couldn’t turn the turtles around, so they started to scream, “help… help, our surfboards are turtles.”

Imani and Lily heard the boy’s screams for help. There was an old man that lived near the beach and he was just going to take his canoe into the water when the girls asked if he would help rescue the boys.

He could see the boys heading further out to sea and he said, “yes I’ll help you.”

The girls helped him push his canoe into the water and they all jumped in, and they all began to paddle towards Dru and Logan. Silver and Pinkie flew up into the sky to see where the boys were, and they led the way towards the boys.  The turtles didn’t know they had passengers so they kept swimming further out to sea.

When the canoe caught up to the turtles the boys jumped into the canoe and thanked the girls and the old man for saving them.

Imani and Lily told the boys they were sorry for hiding their surfboards, but they were tired of being bullied by them and they wanted the boys to realise it was not nice to hurt others. When they replaced the surfboards they didn’t know the turtles would swim far away.

The old man laughed and told all of the kids before you decide to trick somebody you must make sure nobody will get hurt, that’s the first rule. Silver and Pinkie landed on the canoe because it was a long way back to the beach and they were tired. The girls cuddled their pet friends when they landed. Both girls were very glad the old man helped them rescue Logan and Drew.

They all paddled back to the beach, and they thanked the old man for helping with the rescue. The boys apologised for being so nasty and said they would never bully or hurt anybody again. Both Imani and Lily went home after they gave the boys their surfboards. Silver and Pinkie had helped with the rescue and they sat on the girls’ shoulders as they all headed home. Both girls felt pleased that nobody was hurt, and they hoped the boys would keep their word and never be nasty and hurt anybody ever again.

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3 thoughts on “Tropical

  1. Cindy Eggleston

    Very descriptive and well-written story, I like that it ended with both the boys and girls learning a lesson of the consequences or your actions.


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