Jumping on the Moon!

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Meet Spaceydust, Spaceyice, and Alexa.

Spaceydust is pronounced Spacey-dust. Spaceydust is orange and that is his favourite colour too. He has one eye. Spaceydust has a slimy body. Spaceydust lives on Saturn. Spaceydust’s super-power is controlling the wind.

Spaceyice is pronounced Spacey-ice. Spaceyice is white and that is her favourite colour too. Spaceyice lives on Neptune. Spaceyice has one eye. Spaceyice has a slimy body. Spaceyice’s superpower is shooting ice out of her hands. Spaceyice has a nickname that is Icy.

Alexa is the size of a rocket but still big. Alexa is narrow at the beginning. Alexa is shaped like a popsicle.  Alexa is a colour between the colour of Antarctica and the colour of regular ice. Alexa is made out of ice. Alexa is a rocket.

Spaceydust had just sent a note to Icy. The note said: Come to Saturn right now! And bring Alexa with you! Icy read it.

Icy said, “I have to go now! Because Spaceydust says to come now!” She went to Alexa and hopped on her and commanded her to go to Saturn! Alexa blasted off to Saturn! The ride was only for fifteen seconds.

When Alexa landed, Spaceydust said, “I want to tell you something!”

“What?” said Icy.

“We are going to the moon!” said Spaceydust.

“Ok. How do we get there?” asked Icy.

“We’ll go on Alexa of course!” said Spaceydust.

“Ok. Let’s go!” Icy said. They hopped on Alexa and commanded her to go to the moon.

Whoosh! Alexa went so fast nothing could see it! Past the two planets! When they were flying past Earth, Spaceydust turned Alexa towards the moon. When they landed on the moon Spaceydust jumped on the moon super high!

“Icy do a jump super high!” shouted Spaceydust.

“Ok!” shouted Icy. She jumped super high. When Spaceydust and Icy landed on the ground the two aliens saw a rocket.

“Hmm? Let’s go!” said Spaceydust.

“Ok,” said Icy.

The two aliens slid towards the rocket and the aliens went through the door of the rocket. They explored the rocket from top to bottom. The inside of the rocket was grey. The aliens found the control room.

“Wow! There are so many buttons!” said Icy.

“Lets click one!” said Spaceydust.

“Ok!” said Icy. Spaceydust clicked a small orange button. Icy clicked a small white button. Both Spaceydust and Icy clicked a big green button! The rocket flew off like crazy!

“Whoa!” Both of the Aliens screamed.

“We need to shut the rocket off!” said Icy.

So Icy froze the rocket which also froze all the rocket’s doors.

The rocket fell down to the ground.  Spaceydust and Icy tried to jump to the door but it wouldn’t budge. Spaceydust used hot air to unfreeze the door.  So did Spaceydust with the other doors. When the aliens got out of the rocket, Spaceydust used hot air to unfreeze the rocket.

Spaceydust said, “Let’s go back home.”  So the two aliens went to their planets.


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