The Voice

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The fog was heavy as I walked from the science building to my private room in the administration building. It was thick and moist which made it hard to see my way.

As I approached the admin building, I could hear water dripping from the condensation that gathered on the windows and fell on the window combing.

Unclipping the key ring from my belt loop, I found the key to the door. Sliding the key into the slot made a metallic clicking sound, barely noticeable.

As I opened the door, I felt as if I was being watched. It was a feeling that I’ve had before. For some unknown reason, the foggy nights always made me nervous. But I shrugged it off thinking that it was just my imagination.

I went inside and turned to shut the door. As I made my way to my small kitchenette, I could smell ozone. As if an electric circuit was being heated. I looked in the kitchen and saw nothing burning. My coffee maker was not on. Sometimes I forget to turn it off but it was off and cold. I looked at the small stove and it was not on. The toaster, hot plate and heater were all ok.

But I could still smell the ozone. And the smell was getting stronger.

Then I heard the voice for the first time. The voice was low and deep. It sounded strong but it was disconnected from everything.

“Martin Stevens, you must listen carefully. You must follow our instructions completely.”

The voice seemed to be coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Then I realized that the voice was filling my mind and was not actually in my room.

Then I spoke. “Who are you? Where are you? What instructions do you speak of?”

There was silence. I looked around expecting some sort of answer. Then the voice spoke again.

“You must follow our instructions completely. There is no time.”

No time? This made me nervous. Whoever was making this voice and command now seemed threatening.

I replied, “I’m listening. What instructions are you wanting me to follow?”

As I listened to the voice speak to me and tell me what I must do in the next few hours, my mind raced. I felt that this ‘voice’ was giving me a warning of some kind and I must do as it asks.

An hour later I was in my office in the science building holding a small case with all of my important papers and a few changes of clothes. The voice told me that I would need protective gear for the journey I was about to take. I could not tell anyone and I could not leave anything behind.

The voice knew that I had no family and no-one to report to.

I was more curious about this voice after it informed me of where I was going.

After putting on protective gear and laying flat with my belongings next to me, I felt as if I was passing out.

A calming bright light filled the room and then I slept.

Slowly waking, I opened my eyes and slowly looked around.

I was laying in what looked like a very immense field of green.

I sat up and scanned the horizon. In the far distance were low hills. The sky was a peaceful blue with graceful white clouds.

I felt at peace, calm and delighted. Then another voice filled my head. It sounded much quieter and more feminine than the first voice.

“Welcome, Martin. You have been brought here to your new home because of all the humans on your Earth, your mind possessed the most non-threatening thoughts that we searched for. You see Martin, we knew your Earth was not going to survive when our own moon was thrown out of the orbit of this world. We have studied the inhabitants of your Earth for nearly two hundred years and found only two humans who had the same peaceful minds. One was yours and the other was a female. She is now awakening from her transport not far from here. You both are the only inhabitants of this world. We have saved peaceful non-humans and have placed them in different locations. There is food and water and everything you need to create life here.”

“Because of the pure quality of this world, your lifespan has been extended by three hundred of your years. Your human ageing process has been slowed considerably.”

The voice told me that there was not enough time to gather any others and that here on this world there will be no danger at all. Myself and whoever the female was would be able to have a happy long life.

I thanked the voice and learned that they are called ‘Clystrons’. A peaceful world light years ahead of Earth in technology and culture.

I felt no fear or sadness. I felt that I could enjoy this place.

The Clystrons want me to name this world.

Can’t wait.

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