My Donkey Trip

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Once upon a time, my vagaries took me to take a ride on a donkey. I was a keen observer of animals around me. I saw many donkeys in the field. The countryside was filled with many animals. It was inhabited by donkeys too. Donkeys are considered to have less wit. So, I thought I would easily catch them. I thought I could effortlessly overpower them.

With this thought in my mind, I made a plan to catch a donkey. This plan of mine would help me to travel far and wide in the countryside. And I would ride it with pride. With this hope and desire, I took a rope and a stick to catch donkeys. After we had our lunch, my cousin and I sneaked into the field. The day was a pleasant one. Nope. It was more pleasant than any other day. It would be a day when we would be a proud owner of a donkey.

But to my surprise, donkeys were not what I thought them to be. They were not simple. Though they were small in comparison to horses, it was not easy to catch them. As soon as I got close to them, they started running. Similarly, I went closer to another one that moved too fast. I tried to catch them but to no avail. The stick slipped and sometimes the rope slipped. My cousin and I were not skilful enough to catch a donkey. To our little mind, we thought they couldn’t move that fast. But they moved as fast as a horse. We ran behind them like two crazy beings. Those who saw us must have thought us to be mad. Yes, it was sheer madness. One of the donkeys kicked us too.

My cousin kept on changing the plan. We thought to cut to the right, then to the left and then to the centre. But they cut out all of our plans. Our plans came to dust. The dust that was thrown and kicked by donkeys. By the end of the day, we were both like someone who was badly beaten. Our hair was flying, clothes covered with dust and leaves.

So, I have learned a lesson: don’t underestimate the power of a donkey.

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