The Little Girl and the Daisies

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There was once a little girl who loved to sit by the window at night and look up at the bright stars. How they twinkled happily in the sky!

“What a pity the stars are so far away! How I wished I could play with them!” she would say.

Then, one beautiful starry night, the girl made a wish: “Oh Heaven, make the stars turn into flowers so I can play with them!”

The stars heard the girl’s wish and that night began to reflect on the dewdrops. The next morning, when the girl woke up, she was amazed at the lovely flowers that brightened the garden. The flowers were white and beautiful, and the little girl played with them the whole day. As the flowers would close at night to only open the next morning, the girl named them “day’s eye”, a name that with the passing of time was corrupted to “daisy”.

The Sun, which high above in the sky watched the little girl play with the flowers, asked the daisies one day:

“Are you happy? Do you have any special wish?”

“We are happy,” replied the daisies. “But we would like to bloom every year so that we can bring joy to the children.”

“So it shall be,” replied the Sun, which then touched the daisies with its rays, leaving a yellow dot in the middle of each flower.

Since that day, white or pale pink daisies brighten the beds of our gardens in spring and have become the target of a children’s love game, “he/she loves me, he/she loves me not” while picking petals off a daisy.

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