The Robin

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I haven’t had a minute to myself! Honestly, December is so busy. I am modelling Christmas cards, and I’ve just taken on Calendars. The studios are so hot and stuffy and those cheeky photographers asking for different poses. One minute you are under a sprig of mistletoe or next to prickly holly bushes and sitting on Santa’s knee! I have taken on so much. I’ll never learn. I was talent-spotted some time ago. I did those glamour shots and a centrefold for PlayBird once, but I never took all my kit off. You have to draw the line in this modelling business.


I can’t rest in January either. We Robins usually court in January, but by the time I can look around the best ones have gone. Some say that I am too fussy. The Robins have to look fit of course, but good manners, generosity and a good singing voice are high up on my wish list. I’ve had a few dates, but nothing transpired. I even joined an online dating agency called “Tweets”, but I never fancied anyone. Some of those guys were too old and had bald patches and probably dyed their feathers. Not my types at all! Many of these “singles” are most likely divorced and thrown on the heap.


Just recently, I spotted a good-looking chappie who keeps giving me the eye. I guess he recognises me from the Christmas cards and calendars. I love all the glamour of course, but I would give it all up in a wing beat if Mr Right turned up. Meanwhile, this recent little love keeps flitting back and forth and lands on nearby shrubs to sing different tunes. So sweet and full of promise! He seems so shy, too and nervous. Perhaps I will cast caution to the wind and ask him out myself. Our first date. Maybe a simple supper and drinks at the water fountain later on. I will wear something smart but casual, maybe knee high so he can admire my legs.


Sorry that I haven’t written for a while. Things have happened so fast! I am in love at last, and it is certainly the real thing. We are looking for a nest, perhaps with room for an extension and en suite. Bobbie, that’s his name by the way, and I like the idea of a big family. He adores his nieces and nephews and will make a wonderful Dad. Such joy at last.

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