The Pump that could not Sump

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Once when I was away,

it rained and rained for days.

Returning to my castle,

I peered through the rooms below,

and squish, splosh,

water-skied across

the squeaky, soggy carpet.

A pump

that couldn’t sump

made me a horrible grump,

frightened by the sight

of the horrible blight, my plight:

water, water everywhere,

heaving lumps and bumps and humps,

but not a drop did my pump sump.

Oh me, oh my, I turn for help,

“Help!” said me.

“Squeeze me,” said the bloated sponge.

“Dance with me,” cried the braided blond mop.

The plumber said he could fix it.

“I’ll drain you sure”, said he

and sure he did:

in an instant

burble to gurgle

my savings dove

squish, ker-plunk, turtle.

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2 thoughts on “The Pump that could not Sump

  1. Rhonda-Lee richer

    i find this site ,incredibly handy on account my son of 10 is in Foster Care
    and i try to write a couple little short stories to read.
    we discuss them on our phone calls..


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