A Dream Come True

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Once there lived a carefree girl of sixteen, called Jasmine, in the fields of Alabama, on a small farm. She lived with her uncle Dave, Aunt Josephine and her parents, Lily and Luke, all from the ‘Bells’ family. They were poor and made a living selling animals and milk from cows. But they treated the poor creatures very kindly.

Jasmine was very helpful too. She loved riding horses and caring for them. One was her favourite, called Madeline. She was a white horse with beautiful locks of golden hair. Madeline was the swiftest horse in the stable. She always dreamt of riding Madeline in a race and winning it.

One day the landowner, Doug Smith, came asking for money – the monthly rent. Many years ago, they all were penniless on the streets. Jasmine was a baby then. Doug decided to take pity on the family and lent them land to start a business. He said that after a year he wanted his money back. But soon after that, Doug started showing his true colours. After a year, they returned his money but still, Doug took advantage of the situation that the Bells family was kind and innocent, and used to ask for money every month.

One day, Doug asked for money for that month. But they almost had none, because losses had occurred in the business and all they could offer him was a horse from the stables. Jasmine was not at all happy with this idea. She began a conversation with Doug, but not a very respectful one.

“Why do you always come here to ask for money when we paid you so much already?” Jasmine exclaimed in an angry tone.

“Well, you needn’t interfere girl. Grown-ups will settle…”

“I am NOT a little girl! Now, we aren’t going to give you any money. GET OUT!” she shrieked.

Doug had no choice but to leave.

Jasmine pondered a long time about what to do about Doug Smith. Then she saw an advertisement in the newspaper that said a horse race would be held at the countryside, and the winner would get $10,000! She was thinking that she and Madeline would participate in the race. She told everyone her idea and they all were happy with it. In the city, she went to the place where the race was on. She told the person in charge, to add Madeline’s name to the list of participants. He told her that the race was in eleven days time.

She went back home, and as she was putting Madeline in her place, she saw a girl with beautiful locks of brown hair, in the fields by the stables. She went outside and went closer to the girl. The girl was surprised to see Jasmine standing beside her.

“What’s your name?” said Jasmine.

“I’m… Grace. Who are you?”

“I am Jasmine, I live here.”

“Sorry, I just walked in here without permission, but I absolutely love horses and I was eager for days to have a look at them, so today I built up the courage to come.”

“Oh, it’s all right, you can come here anytime. I love horses too. We can be friends, right Grace?” she asked, giggling.

“Oh! Oh! I would love to become friends with you.”

“That’s settled then. By the way, where do you live?”

“I live on the top of that hill. You see?” Grace pointed to the hill in the opposite direction. She continued “I’m sixteen. What’s your age?”

“I’m sixteen too!”

They joyously continued to talk for some time, both glad to find a friend about their own age. From that day on, they began to hang out by the horses.

One day Jasmine was introducing Grace to all horses.

“And this is Madeline,” she said, pointing towards a horse in front of her, who seemed to have lost the colour from her face. “She looks pale and unwell,” she said, with a worried look. She began stroking her mane.

“Let’s tell your mother.”

“You’re right. You go and call my mother and I’ll give Madeline some water,” replied Jasmine.

Grace ran off to tell Lily, Jasmine’s mother. Meanwhile, Madeline was getting paler. Grace returned with Lily, who phoned a vet immediately and after checking Madeline, he said that she was ill.

The Bells’ family was very worried from then on. Madeline would eat nothing and was extremely ill. Her health was not fine, and it looked like she was going to pass away soon. Jasmine was very quiet. She would hang out with Grace much less than usual.

One day, she met Grace and told her what she had thought about her and Madeline taking part in the horse race, to fulfil her dream. But she said that now, her only wish was Madeline to get better.

After a few days, Madeline started growing her strength and was not pale anymore. She was healthy again and full of spirit. Everyone was happy, and Jasmine was spirited again. She used to hang out with Grace again and once, Grace suggested that she should go and participate in that race again. Jasmine was not sure, but Grace encouraged her. The next day was the competition, and they trained for it.

So, the Bells’ family and Grace headed to the competition with Madeline. They saw a lot more families there.

Jasmine started the race, galloping on Madeline. In the beginning, they were way behind, but they sped up to first place. And in the last few seconds, Madeline and Jasmine were the first to reach the finish line. They made an amazing pair!

Jasmine achieved her dream. Jasmine, by the end of the competition, decided that from then on, they would never let Doug come near them any more. With the prize money she had won, her family lived a comfortable life, with no more money worries ever again.

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