Poems of Things Around You

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We can’t hear

We can fear

We fight to the death

Small in size

Small in brain

Carrying big loads



Brinjals are violet

Moon is white

Sky is blue

Leaves are green

Sun is yellow

Oranges are orange

Roses are red



Hey! You

Look up

Look down

Turn left

Turn right

Move to the centre

Now, turn around.



I am a not the blue-eyed boy of my teacher

I fight black and blue

I am a snake in the bush

I don’t stitch in time to save nine

I keep my room at sixes and sevens

I work at the eleventh hour

I want to kill two birds with one stone

I build castles in the air

I know it is difficult to sail in two boats



A grasshopper met a ladybug

He said, “Lady, lady,

Will you lay down your wings?”

The ladybug said,

“Sure, only if you lay down your legs.”

He said, “I can’t.”

She said, “I can’t.”

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