The Land of Enchantment

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Deep in the wood, where the fairies all play

They slumber at night and play by the day

Their houses are made in magical rings

Constructed anew each and every spring


Their world is full of wonder and grace

You’ve certainly never seen a more magical place


Their magic comes from a far-away land

captured in crystals of magical sand

Each full moon they ride on the beams

Back to the water where it shimmers and gleams


They gather it up to bring it on back

Safe and secure in brightly coloured sacks


Back on the moonbeams they once again ride

Through the stars that shimmer and shine

Once again safe in their wonderous land

They begin to unpack their magical sand


Queen Genevieve keeps the magic in a cave

Guarded by fairies both strong and brave


A land of enchantment magic and wander

A land where giants still play and slumber

A land filled with hope and love for all

A land where respect is given to those big and small


This fairy glen can of course be accessed by you

Just believe in the magic and it will come true


Once you have reached this far away land

You’ll be greeted by trumpets from Genevieve’s band

All that set foot on the shores will find

A land that has been forgotten by time


No one grows old, sick, or unwell

The fairies can heal with magical spells


And what will you do on this island so grand?

Maybe you’ll play in the magical band

Yet others may get to play a fairy game

Some others will be given their own fairy’s name


The nights are just as magical as days

By the campfire is where you will stay


There you will hear the stories of old

Stories you’ve surely never been told

And when the last bright star has said good night

You will most certainly sleep; cozy and tight


But before dawn breaks it will be time to go

Because this magical land is only temporary to know


Home you will return and of course you will miss

The magical land that was filled with magical bliss

Never worry or fear that it was not what it seemed

Because when the time is right you will return in your dreams.

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