Colourful Balloons

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“Look at me, am I not looking pretty in my new white frock with shining pearls hanging on its frills,” Nikku, a cute girl of seven years old said to Pintu.

“No, my yellow shirt is the best,” Pintu replied and looked down upon her dress.

“Now I will complain to mummy!” Nikku replied angrily.

“Even then your frock will remain ugly as usual  …hahaha!” laughed Pintu loudly, chewing his toffee.

Nikku’s face got red in anger and she cried loudly “ I have never ever seen such a dirty yellow shirt like yours!”

“And I will never talk to you ever again!” said Nikku and started walking away from him.

Just then a man came there to sell balloons.

He had yellow and white balloons, which were swaying forward and backward in the cool breeze and were looking extremely beautiful.

Nikku jumped with joy and said “Give me two balloons.”

The balloon vendor asked Pintu “ And how many balloons do you want?”

“Not a single one.” Nikku looked at the balloons and spoke with a greedy look in her eyes.

Hearing this balloon seller smiled and said – “These balloons look like the clothes you both are wearing, the white and yellow balloons” and he handed over two balloons to Pintu.

Pinto and Nikku now carefully looked at the ballons and then surprisingly looked at each other .

Then they both burst out in laughter.

Nikku pulled the string of the balloons from Pintu’s hand and ran towards her house laughing loudly.

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