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In Fairyland The Rabbit population is getting out of hand.

Why some of the Fairies want all of the Rabbits banned.

Food was the main problem Rabbits they ate such a lot.

This troubled the Fairies and put them all on the spot.

The wise old fairies were called in for some good advice.

The wise old fairies even considered feeding the Rabbits rice.

They found the solution with some fresh packets of seeds.

When fully grown the seeds turned out to be Swedes.

Now Rabbits love Swedes they even eat them raw.

This solved the Fairies problem that is for sure.

Swedes are vegetables that grow in the ground.

Now rutabaga or Swedes are everywhere to be found.

Rabbits have no known enemies in Fairyland its true.

But growing Swedes for the Rabbits is for the Fairies quite new.

Gnomes are the only ones in Fairyland that eat meat.

For them a nice fat Rabbit would be such a real treat.

I with the fairies help passed a very simple new law.

That Gnomes are not to eat rabbit meat any more.

All the Rabbits I called to a hurried meeting

No more tasty flowers were for their eating.

My Family mouse told me that Rabbits like Cheddar cheese

They would share their rations just for the rabbits to please.

The Furry Rabbits in Fairyland may now forever stay,

It would be such a great pity to send them all away.

Rabbits are cuddly and have such nice fur coats,

In Fairyland they even mix with the wild stoats.

Apart from lettuce carrots and now Swedes.

Small portions of cheese see to their needs.

Peace has returned to the Fairyland of today

And not one furry Rabbit will be turned away.


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