Bathroom Battles

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There I was sleeping cozily in my bed around 5 AM in the morning, having the weirdest dream… And the war started…

The toothbrushes, the cavity germs, tooth paste dragons, the water tower and the S.S. SOAP and troops were in the midst of the battle.

Battle Field I – Cavity Castle was having a living nightmare. The germs were very weak and unprepared for the battle. The toothpaste dragon ALPHA was hovering around and the fleet of toothbrushes marching towards the Cavity Castle. The ALPHA started the attack by his instant shooting moves. He shot slimy paste all over the cavity castle. The toothbrushes brushed away the teeth walls of Cavity castle. The germs became weaker, thus died instantly. Cavity castle was won by the BRUSH CLAN.

Battle Field II – On the other side of the Toilet wall, laid the GREAT BATHTUB CLANs, the S. S. SOAP and the AQUA. The AQUA had the most powerful weapon in the whole world of toiletries, THE WATER TOWER. S.S. SOAP had giant troops named mighty bubbles.

THE ALPHA of AQUA CLAN named KAI ordered his trooped named WATRE DROPLETS into the bathtub, the main battle field. S.S. SOAP launched itself heading towards the bathtub. Before landing, it produced humongous amount of mighty bubbles. These bubbles shot tiny soap arrows and the AQUA threw water bombs. Some of the bubbles launched themselves on the AQUA and exploded, killing a few of the droplets.

Some of the droplets went and sacrificed their lives and popped the bubbles which further destroyed their armies. S. S. SOAP was battling the WATER TOWER till then. Suddenly the S. S. SOAP melted and broke into two pieces. THE WATER TOWER thus stepped forward to join its army and encourage its army of droplets. This is how reign of S. S. SOAP Clan ended.

BATTLE Field III – Suddenly in the middle of AQUA celebrations for their victory, there came a huge lump of slimy paste. One of the water droplet was crashed and another one could taste the paste and said, “Hmm, mint flavored” [I could almost sense that I was murmuring in my sleep and imagining my morning routine of brushing teeth with Mint toothpaste.] Jokes apart, the KAI looked up and saw hundreds of toothbrushes and the toothpaste dragons hovering over the BATH TUB.

Suddenly there came a toothbrush out of nowhere and paused the fight.

“Hi, my name is Tony, the toothbrush,” he said. “I will tell you why this battle has started. One day at the water tower, KAI was very annoyed & frustrated. He decided to end all his enemies and get the BATHROOM cleaned and soaking wet. Thus he declared a war among all of the clans in the bathroom”. Tony bid goodbye and the WAR continued.

The WAR broke big time now!!! The toothbrushes attacked and the dragons threw lumps of toothpaste on all of the AQUAs. Suddenly there came one huge toothbrush, as huge as KAI (all ALPHAs are gigantic].

“All mighty savior the toothbrush armies,” all of the toothbrushes shouted together. “HAIL for the warrior and the monarch, TONY, the ALPHA of the toothbrushes!” Everyone was shocked but the fight continued.

After a bitter fight, the AQUAs again marched victoriously. By far the funniest thing that happened in this war – a toothpaste dragon ran out of his orange flavored slimy paste and collapsed all of the toothbrush army. Now the dragons had no allies. This encouraged the AQUAs to defeat the dragons and win. They started their celebrations with great pomp.  Suddenly a big shadow cast over them. Nobody had seen such a massive creature before.

“This might be the great LORD TOWEL!” one of the old AQUA murmured. This huge creature landed on the whole AQUA army along with the ALPHA KAI. Indeed it was LORD TOWEL winking at me.

The morning alarm rang and I woke up. Alas, I had to get up and do my morning bathroom rituals. But today, I could enjoy this a lot and was ready early, much to the surprise of my mother.

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6 thoughts on “Bathroom Battles

  1. Cindy Eggleston

    A very imaginative and well-written story. The descriptions seemed so real you could almost see it happening!!


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