Not a Good Swimmer?

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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jamie Lynne. She always felt that she was not a good swimmer; even a TERRIBLE swimmer, at that.

One day, when she was swimming at the camp pool, Jamie Lynne saw another girl having trouble in the water. The girl was floundering around and looked like she was going to drown.

Jamie Lynne swam over to the girl as fast as her little arms and legs would go, and reached the girl. Jamie Lynne wrapped her arms around the girl’s neck and swam her over to the other side of the pool. The girl was saved! She was taken to the nurse, and Jamie Lynne received a special certificate from the owner of the camp.

So, Jamie Lynne, who thought that she was a TERRIBLE swimmer, turned out to be the HERO OF THE DAY! (and a pretty GOOD swimmer, too)

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One thought on “Not a Good Swimmer?

  1. Ivy

    This is a great little story with a positive message for kids!

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