The Dog With One Blue Eye

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Once upon a time, there was a dog kennel that housed many dogs looking for homes. Some dogs were big scary dogs and some dogs were small silent dogs.

In this kennel was one dog who had no name and no one wanted him. The keepers at the kennel called him Koolaid. They called him Koolaid because he liked to drink Kool-Aid.  He especially liked fruit-flavoured Kool-Aid.

The kennel keepers made sure that when they gave him a small bowl of his favourite Kool-Aid, they made sure that it was sugar-free Kool-Aid. They did not want a fat little dog.

Koolaid had been at the kennel ever since he was a small puppy. The kennel keepers loved him but they could not understand why no one wanted to take him home. Then one day they thought they knew why he was never taken home.

There was a family who had a little boy that was handicapped. He was a blind boy. His name was Billy. His parents loved him but they knew that he had no friends his own age to play with and if there were any boys his age, they would not play with him because he was blind.

Billy’s family arrived at the kennel to see if maybe a little friendly dog would help Billy be happier since he did not have friends.

They walked through the kennel and looked at a lot of dogs. Then Billy stopped in front of Koolaid’s pen and just stood there.

“Mom, I want this dog. Please? He wants me to take him home. He told me so.”

Billys mom and dad looked at Billy then they looked at Koolaid, who was just sitting there in his pen real quiet. Not making a sound.

“Billy”, his mom said, “how do you know that there is even a dog in the pen? And how did he tell you to take him home?”

“Because Mom, he just told me. He told me that no one likes him and that he likes me. Mom, he knows that I can’t see.”

Billys mom looked at her husband and they both knew right away that this was the dog they would be taking home. Then they looked at Koolaid.

Billys mom looked worried and then told Billy, “Son, this dog has one blue eye and one brown eye. Are you sure you want this dog?”

“Yes, Mom. He told me that he is blind in his blue eye and he said he loves to play.”

“Well, I guess we will be taking him home then.”

They told the kennel keepers that they will take Koolaid home and they signed all the papers and waited for the kennel veterinarian to check Koolaid over.

As they waited, Billy kept smiling and quietly whispering to himself.

“Billy? Are you talking to someone?” Billy’s mom asked him.

“Yes Mom, I’m talking to Koolaid. I told him that we had a big yard and we can play all day.”

Billy’s mom smiled and did not question Billy about it any more.

When they arrived home, Billy took Koolaid to see his new home, and the big yard he had to play in.

So, for the next twelve years, Billy and Koolaid grew closer and closer to each other.

Wherever Billy went, Koolaid was not far behind him.

Billy’s parents even had a trainer over to teach Koolaid how to be Billy’s eyes so he could take him walking.

Koolaid learned to be Billy’s eyes very quickly. He could lead him to crosswalks and stop when he had to stop and go when he was able to cross the street.

And Koolaid always slept on the foot of Billy’s bed at night, snuggled against Billys feet that were under the covers.

Their favourite game to play was catch. Billy would toss a tennis ball high in the air and Koolaid would always catch it and bring it back to Billy and place it back in his hand.

The two of them were always together. When you saw Billy, you would always see Koolaid wagging his crooked tail alongside Billy.

One day, Koolaid didn’t get off the bed in the morning like he usually did when Billy awakened.

Billy looked at Koolaid and petted his head and asked him, “what’s the matter Koolaid? Do you not want to get out of bed this morning?” Billy began to worry.

Billy called to his mother who was downstairs in the kitchen.

“Mom! Koolaid is not feeling well. He doesn’t want to get out of bed. I think he is sick.”

Billy’s mom came to his room and looked at Koolaid. She felt him and could feel him trembling.

So she called the veterinarian’s office and they took Koolaid to the veterinarian to have him look him over.

At the veterinarian’s office, Billy sat and waited, and worried. He began to cry thinking that there is something wrong with his best friend.

“Don’t worry Billy, Koolaid will be okay. He may just be tired, that’s all.”

Billy’s mom tried to comfort her son but she knew that Koolaid was old and he may just be more than tired.

After what seemed like a long time, the veterinarian came into the waiting area and spoke with Billy’s mom. Billy could not hear what was being said, so he asked the veterinarian, “is my dog going to be okay? What’s wrong with him?”

Billy’s mom sat down next to Billy.

“Son, Koolaid is an old dog, he has had a long life and for the past 13 years, he has had the happiest years of his life. Son, Koolaid is dying of old age. The veterinarian suggests that we let him go peacefully because he is in so much pain.”

Billy began crying and he put his arms around his mom.

“I don’t want Koolaid to leave us, Mom! We love each other too much. We need each other!”

“Son, Koolaid will always know that you love him and he will always know that you did the right thing in saying goodbye to him today. He still loves you.”

So, Billy and his mother went into another room and saw where Koolaid was lying on a soft table. He slowly raised his head and Billy thought that he could see him smiling. Koolaids eyes twinkled as he looked at Billy. His one blue eye sparkled with a shine that took everyone’s breath away.

Billy hugged Koolaid so tightly and with such love. Koolaid calmly and peacefully closed his eyes and rested for the last time.

The veterinarian told Billy that Koolaid was at peace now and would always be waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge where all pets sit happily waiting for their human family to join them.

A few days later, Billy’s family received the little box that held the spirit of Koolaid. They placed the box in a place of honour in Billy’s room.

For the next few weeks, Billy would dream of playing catch with Koolaid. Each time their play grew shorter and shorter.

One night, in Billys dream, Koolaid stood next to Billy and looked up at him, then said, “Billy, this is the last time that you will dream about me. I am happy and am not in any pain any more. I will be waiting for you always. So do not be sad any more. Be happy. You will not need to cry any longer. I love you.”

And with that, Billy woke up. And his thoughts were of Koolaid and then he smiled.

That was the last time that Billy dreamt of Koolaid and it was the last time that he cried over losing his best friend. He was happy.

A dog’s love is forever.

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