Dicky the Dinosaur

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Was there ever a creature so sad and befuddled,

As Dicky the dinosaur, who’d never been cuddled?

With rounded teeth and gentle claws,

A lack of aggression was among his flaws.


He’d run like the wind at the hoot of an owl,

The other dinosaurs would all laugh and howl.

Dicky was ashamed and embarrassed, so swore,

To become a much more impressive carnivore.


But try as he might, Dicky couldn’t change,

No bit of success he could hope to arrange.

He still had no courage and lacked in spite,

And worried himself to sleep most every night.


Now lady dinosaurs, they were a fearsome bunch,

And poor Dicky never dared to ask one to lunch.

He was shy and bashful and would quiver with fear,

If a terrifying she-rex ever came near.


But one fine day, from his position of cover,

Dicky spied a potential reptilian lover.

She saw Dicky hiding behind an old tree,

“What a lovely young dinosaur boy,” thought she.


“What are you hiding from?” the young lady inquired,

“A brachiosaurus!” Dicky said, sounding tired.

“But they only eat grass,” the girl did presume,

“I think this one’s confused by my rose flower perfume!”


“You do smell quite lovely,” the she-rex did say,

“Come take my claw, I’ll help you get away.”

She led Dicky to safety and said, “my name’s Bella,

Would you like to go for lunch, you seem a nice fella.”


Dicky and Bella went for lunch, and for tea the next day,

They soon fell in love in the most romantic way.

Dicky picked her flowers, and Bella would gush,

“My dear sweet boyfriend, you’re making me blush!”


But Dicky still suffered from a nervous disposition,

And the plans made in his head rarely came to fruition.

But he resolved his mind to offer a wedding band,

And set out one Tuesday to ask Bella’s Dad for her hand.


Now Bella’s father was a scary old dinosaur,

Covered in scars from the last Dino war.

But when he heard of the love Dicky had for his daughter,

It caused even his hardened old eyes to water.


“Dicky my lad, you can have my Bella,

With a T-Rex like you, she’ll be happy forever.”

So Dicky trod home and asked her that night,

And course she said yes, with the utmost delight.


Whilst saying his vows Dicky started to sway,

And fainted on the spot in a rather swooning way.

“Such a sweetheart,” came Bella’s soothing tone,

As she picked Dicky up and carried him home.


Here we leave Dicky, who’d never had a cuddle,

In bed with his wife, as they rub noses; and nuzzle.

I hope this poem makes you see,

There someone for everyone, whoever you may be.


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