Hero Man – Episode 5: The Chinese Fight

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Chapter 1 – Help

“Great,” Robin said. He was close to finish the video game’s level but was suddenly shot by the villains.

“Game Over,” was the reply.

“You are the great guy, Robin,” Ralph teased at his friend.

“Yeah, Ralph’s right,” Jack said, Ralph’s 2nd best friend.

“That isn’t great,” Robin snapped.

Ralph and his friends were playing the “Attack!” game in Ralph’s house. It was a winter blizzard day in Ralph’s town. But luckily the sleepover at Ralph’s house was finishing about in 5 more weeks plus his parents were in a new vacation.

Whenever it came for a mission, Ralph was ready. He was the guy who was Hero Man. His friends were his helpers. Ralph had spilled his secret on his trustworthy friends. He was also the city’s smartest kid. Then suddenly a knock came on the door. It was Steve.

“What are you doing over here?” Ralph asked, surprised.

“First, can I come in, then I will explain,” Steve said.

Ralph took Steve to his playing room and Steve explained “there is a weird gang of magicians who play tricks on people and blame it on them. But actually there are some of your old enemies, the scientist cats and I think I know their names: the stinky cat is Vader, the mean cat is Vicky and the foolish cat is Nun. They help the magicians with their crazy inventions but are weak.”

“Go on,” Ralph said, sounding excited.

“The magicians always make wacky tricks on people and do you know what.”

“What?” the other chorused.

“They stole a rare piece of gold,” Steve finished.

“Now this sounds to attack the wacky magicians,” Ralph said.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Robin asked.

“Welcome to Mission Magician Attack,” Ralph responded.


Chapter 2 – The Chase

Everybody groaned.

Jack said, “Ralph, can you ever forget the word mission.”

“No way, helping people is good, do you know that?” Ralph said.

“Ok, I am with you,” Robin said.

“Me too,” Jack said, but timidly.

When Steve was about to say the same thing as Jack, something was running away but with Ralph’s keen eyes he saw Vader running away.

“It’s Vader,” Ralph screamed. But by the time the four friends started to run, Vader ran away.

“I guess he overheard our conversation,” Ralph muttered. Then his eyes sparkled confidentially.

“I guess it’s time for Hero Man,” Jack muttered.

“Yes, Jack,” Ralph said “and we are going to start tomorrow”

“But you got to be careful Ralph,” Steve warned.

“Why?” Ralph questioned.

“Because they can hypnotize people,” Steve said.

“Oh great, first magicians then hypnotizers,” Jack said, “now what Steve, dragons?”

The others laughed.

Then suddenly something was creaking and Ralph was sure that it was Vader again so Ralph and his friends pretended that they didn’t notice that Vader was there and then Ralph went downstairs then in within seconds he came back flying upstairs and he was covered with all his gear and suit.

He was Hero Man!

He called his friends and gave them their gear and suits.

When everybody was ready, they chased Vader up and down the streets. Finally Hero Man and Steve caught Vader and asked several questions but he didn’t answer, instead he hit Steve and escaped away from Hero Man but he didn’t give up. He chased him until he gave up when he reached Canyon Lake, TX.

He went back home and blurted out the whole details. But something was still creaking outside and Hero Man sprang out and caught Vader before he could run.

 Chapter 3 – Face to Face

Hero Man tied up Vader and asked him the same questions he had asked. Vader blurted out everything. And before he could tell magicians,

a gunshot ran out and it barely hit Hero Man and he was lucky that it didn’t hit him. Robin took the chase and caught Nun.

They tied Nun up too. Then Hero Man asked why Nun shot the bullet.

He merely said, “I picked it up and shot it and when it gave a loud bang and I ran away but this guy caught me.” Nun pointed at Robin.

“You better tell this thing,” Hero Man said.

“What?” the both cats said.

“Tell me where the magicians’ hideout is,” Hero Man said.

Vader told Hero Man and his friends that the magicians lived in the Dragon Cave, the most dangerous cave known anywhere.

“Oh my god,” Jack said. “They are like villains that can go anywhere”

“Oh don’t be a timid guy, Jack,” Steve said.

“Guys we must go to the dragon cave immediately,” Hero Man said.

“You mean Reach Blast there,” Steve said. “Please let’s not do that, it makes me very dizzy.”

“But we don’t have a choice, Steve,” Hero Man said.

“Okay,” Steve scoffed.

“Then let’s go,” Hero Man said.

Then Hero Man and his friends reached the city where the Dragon Cave was located, by seconds.

Then Hero Man went flying across the streets of the city and when the others were flying to, Steve saw the name of the city.

It was Beijing, China!

“Great, weee came alllll the way from the Reeeach Blast to Chiiiiina,” he squeaked. He was scared to see birds.

Then suddenly Hero Man spotted a cave shaped like a dragon.

“So that’s why it is called the Dragon Cave,” he thought.

When Hero Man’s friends reached near him, they gasped in horror.

Hero Man was standing face to face with the ringleader of the magicians.

Chapter 4 – Victory

“Well, well,” the ringleader said, “we get to meet in China, Hero Man.”

Hero Man just made signs to alert his friends, but the ringleader had cracked the code because he threw a fire blast on Hero Man but he just stopped it in time. Then suddenly he saw his name on his collar, he was named Victor.

“Very funny,” thought Hero Man. Suddenly, Victor whistled and some of his cronies came out.

There were like 15 people that were more muscular than Hero Man.

One guy was going to hit Hero Man on his head when Jack came to his rescue.

“Look behind you, man,” he said. Quickly Hero Man and his friends finished everybody except Victor.

Hero Man went to fight but Victor threw an electric blast which Hero Man had used his mirror blast.

The electric blast bounced from the mirror blast and hit straight on Victor and he……… collapsed.

“Phew, that was a hard battle,” Hero Man said.

Victor revived and admitted defeat because he was too weak. He also gave the gold piece to Hero Man.

Hero Man left Victor alone in the cave and then searched for Vicky, when he found him he saw that he had freed Nun and Vader. Hero Man’s friends surprised the cats and they picked them up and headed to the Beijing Police Station. Then Hero Man went to the Geological Museum of China and gave the rare gold piece.

“How can I ever thank you,” the manager said.

Hero Man merely said he wanted nothing but the manager wasn’t convinced. Then he snapped his fingers.

“How about,” he said, “a small statue and a picture of you and your friends.”

Hero Man told that he wanted only a picture as his memento.

He called his friends and they posed for the picture. The manager shot 4 pictures for each hero.

Then Hero Man and his friends went outside and Reach Blasted to their home and Hero Man was Ralph once again.

They yawned and then they went to sleep, but Ralph stayed awake thinking what was his next mission going to be.

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