Oh How I Love

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Oh How I Love


Oh how I love this big beautiful place

It’s great open fields, the places, the space

Big and small buildings 

Each filled with different galore

Each store I go shopping making me want even more

I lie on green grass

And wiggle my toes

Looking up, I sigh at the endless, enormous blue sky

With passing puffy clouds, a bird, then a fly

I can see shapes in those clouds, my imagination flies free

While humming, a song set in my mind

A busy bee, a barking dog, a ribbiting frog, add harmony like their singing along

My mind starts to wonder

To ponder and think

Of things that make me giggle, want to sing, dance, and start to soar

A great song, a good book, a funny text, is a start

Cake, yes cake, with creamy frosting is a yum…

Adding chocolate milk, a cold soda, hot tea with lemon

A crunchy salad with tomatoes, oh I could go on

A loving nudge from my cat, the welcome of my dog, a warm blanket and the crack of a burning log

Then I get hit with the idea of my most treasured gift

The one that fills me with warmth, glory, it makes me a real story

It’s you! Yes, you….

So many, yet a few

You bring me smiles, fill my heart, make each day all the best 

Make caring and sharing and life like being a guest every day at Disneyland, a zillion dollars, a shiny new car, you know the rest!

We are all so different, our likes and some beliefs

But the love makes us similar

Makes us connect, makes us link

Makes YOU all so much dearer

You, thank you for stepping into my heart

That is, most definitely, the very best part!




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