George and Daisy

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George, the ginger cat, loves to sleep.

When the golden sun rises in the East, George is asleep in his blue cat bed.

When the businessmen in the city in which George lives with his human mommy get into their fancy cars to drive to work, George is still fast asleep.

When the truck comes to collect the garbage with a big bang and crash, George carries on sleeping.

‘George!’ his mom calls to him. ‘George, are you still sleeping?’

George gives a big yawn, stretches out his arms, spreads his furry paws, rolls over, and goes back to sleep.

‘Oh, George,’ his mom sighs.

George lives alone with his mom as an only cat. When his mom works on her laptop during the day, George sleeps next to her on a cushion on his own chair. When he’s not sleeping, George waits to be fed on his red and black checkered mat on the floor. He circles the bowl of cat pellets to get into a better position, and he always likes to eat standing next to his mom.

If his mom is not paying him attention, George will jump up onto the laptop’s keyboard so that she can no longer see the screen and begin to purr.

When George is two years old, his mom decides to get another cat: a younger sister for George. She tells the owner of the shelter where she first adopted George that he loves to sleep, and she’s worried that a kitten with too much energy won’t be a match for him.

The shelter owner says that all kittens are full of energy and that the only kitten she has up for adoption is a baby tortoiseshell girl found alone in a depot at the back of a shopping centre. George’s mom feels sad for the baby tortoiseshell girl, and she decides to adopt her.

She names her Daisy. Daisy is full of energy. She zooms up and down the house, up and down the curtains, and up and down the trees in the garden.

Daisy never sleeps. She attacks her mom’s feet at three in the morning, kicks her cat litter everywhere, and chases her own tail round and round and round.

Daisy’s favourite thing to do is disturb George while he’s asleep. She will lick his ear and give it a nibble. George flicks his ear and tries as best he can to ignore her and continue sleeping.

Sometimes she swipes his tail, and George swipes back with his tail until she gets bored and swipes something else.

One time she plonks herself directly on top of a snoozing George and he gets such a fright that he leaps up with a shriek and the fur of Daisy’s tail shoots out like a bottlebrush.

She disrupts his precious feeding times and rituals, and she’s more disturbing than the garbage truck and morning traffic put together!

George and Daisy’s mom realizes that George needs to play a little more and that Daisy needs to sleep a little more, and she sits the two of them down on the sofa for a talk.

‘George. Daisy.’ She looks at them. ‘We all live in this house together and we need to make balance and be friends. George, you need to come out of your shell and interact with Daisy. And Daisy, you need to stop pestering George and give him some space.’

George and Daisy look at her, then they look at each other. Then Daisy dashes off and George buries himself beneath a blanket.

‘I give up!’ their mom cries, exasperated.

But then something very peculiar happens.

One morning George and Daisy’s mom wakes up to find that George is not asleep in his bed. Daisy is never sleeping in her bed in the morning, so that’s not unusual, but where’s George?

‘George!’ his mom calls worriedly. ‘George! Where are you?’

But George doesn’t appear.

‘Daisy!’ she yells. ‘Where are the two of you?’

She opens the curtains to look outside and just then Daisy whizzes past with George hot on her heels. Then George shoots back the other way with Daisy racing behind.

‘Well, I’ve never!’ their mom gasps, then smiles.

George and Daisy are playing together. Up and down and round and round they go. They pull clothes from the washstand, overturn their water bowl onto the carpet, push objects off the table, claw their way through the flowerbeds and paw their dirty prints all over inside.

Until, finally, exhausted and happy, George and Daisy collapse into George’s blue cat bed and fall asleep curled up side by side as the golden sun sets in the West.

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