Galaxy, my Kitten

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Galaxy, my kitten, glides

through the meadow,

walks with her shadow,

her creamy fur shining

even in the gloomy twilight.


Her teeth shred silky leaves

and thick papers with ease,

prompting my brother to

call her ‘cruel’

while his Dalmatian bares

his teeth as if to grin.


Galaxy opens her

green eyes wide,

refusing allegations

and accusations alike.


She is a petite terror

when our Dalmatian encroaches

her tiny territory.

Her fury and snap reminds me

of her ferocious cousins in

the jungles.


Galaxy is all empathy

when I am down,

curling her tail around my legs,

as silent as any

faithful dog.


Who says she is soft?

Who says she is short-tempered?

Who says she is territorial?

Who says she has a sixth sense?

My cat, Galaxy, is all these and more.

She is a stealthy encroacher,

a devoted companion,

a quiet friend,

and a lot more

than words can say.

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