Dad’s Hats

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Robert looked out the window. It was raining, and raining hard. There was thunder, and there was lightning, but he was not afraid. Robert was looking for cats and dogs. His dad had said that it was raining cats and dogs, but, try as he might Robert could not see them anywhere.

What Robert could see was his dad’s hat. There, on the table by the back door, was his dad’s favourite hat. His dad had been in such a hurry, because of the rain, that he had forgotten to put it on.

Actually, Robert’s dad had lots of hats. He liked wearing them and wore one all the time, except when he was in the shower, or when he was sleeping. Not even his dad wore one then.

Robert looked at the hat. He put it on. The hat was big, and covered his eyes. It was his dad’s driving hat. Robert pretended to be a race car driver. While he was pretending to drive, Robert bumped into something, and sat down with a thump.

Suddenly, it was raining again. Not rain, or even cats and dogs, but hats. Lots of them, all in different shapes, sizes, and colours! Robert was sitting in a heap of hats.

Robert took his dad’s hat off and put on a big yellow one. This hat had a picture of a bulldozer on it. It was construction hat. Robert pretended to be a bulldozer, and scooped up the hats into big piles.
Then Robert took off the construction hat and put on a blue hat. With this hat, he pretended to be a bus driver. He drove the hats to the museum, the library, and the mall. They all said what a good driver he was.

Next he put on a red hat. Robert pretended to be a Fireman, putting out fires, and rescuing the hats from danger. Important work!

This was followed by a black hat. Pretending to be a policeman made him feel even more important. He directed traffic, and made sure all the hats stayed on the sidewalk.

By now, Robert was tired. Pretending was hard work. Robert took off the Policeman’s hat, found a nightcap hat, and curled up in the heap of hats for a nap.

His dad came back, looking for his hat. Robert woke up, rubbed his eyes, and gave his Dad his hat. His dad put his hat on and gave Robert a kiss. Robert smiled, and closed his eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Dad’s Hats

  1. Marty Manning

    I read stories for my 3 year old grandson and send them via You Tube. This one was perfect. I wore a hat when I read it and I had a photo of his dad on the computer screen when he was about 5 or 6 and wearing a hat too. At the end I showed him a couple of other hats. It was easy to have him pretend to be things while I was reading.

  2. Jennie Wittenbach

    This story might be okay for little ones, but it has the possibility of being expanded upon with an actual plot.


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