Ocean and Raindrop

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Once upon a time, a girl called Ocean lived on a desert island alone. She had the same schedule every day: Wake up, eat coconut pie, build sandcastles, take a nap, eat a coconut, play in the water and do nothing.

Ocean, as a result, was very lonely. Ocean had no friends or family because when she was only seven, her parents died in a shipwreck. Ocean survived and has been living on the island alone ever since.

But that was going to change very soon.


Raindrop was sailing in her little boat again. she was fishing for fish, but she hadn’t gotten very lucky today.

Raindrop decided to try one more time. She cast her net into the sea and waited. “Nothing”, she sighed “I’m going home with an empty stomach again!’

Suddenly her boat shook, and raindrop looked down she saw a glimpse of a fin. Then an angry shark started attacking her. When raindrop finally came to her senses, she turned on the boat’s motor and sped off.

After a while, Raindrop slowed down, for the shark was no longer chasing her. Then Raindrop looked around. She could no longer see the fishing deck from where she had started. Then she spotted a desert island.

“I know. I’ll go and rest there and see if I remember where I left off,”  she thought.

As she approached, she thought she could make out a figure in the distance. Then when she got on the island, she met Ocean.

“Hello,” said Raindrop. “What is your name?”

“My name is Ocean,” Ocean replied.

And as you would guess, the two girls became fast friends. And Raindrop sailed home with Ocean. Now Ocean was alone no more!

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