Alien Dance Party

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Meet Spaceydust, Spaceyice, and Alexa.

Spaceydust is orange and that is his favourite colour also. Spaceydust lives on Saturn. Spaceydust has an orange slimy body with one eye. Spaceydust’s superpower is controlling the wind.

Spaceyice is white and that is her favourite colour. Spaceyice lives on Neptune. Spaceyice has a white slimy body with one eye. Spaceyice’s superpower is to shoot ice out of her hands. Her nickname is Icy.

Alexa is a spaceship made out of ice. Alexa is a medium-sized spaceship that is shaped like a popsicle. Alexa is not a popsicle. Alexa is the colour of ice in Antarctica. Alexa doesn’t have a stick. Alexa is narrow at the beginning.

Spaceydust asks Icy on Neptune, “Icy, why did you ask me to come here?”

Icy replies, “I need to tell you something!”

Spaceydust asks, “What are you going to tell me?”

Icy explains, “We are going to Earth to have a giant dance party with everything.”

Spaceydust says, “What a great idea! How do we get to Earth?”

Icy replies, “Alexa will take us, of course.”

“What a great idea! We’ll go to Earth on Alexa!” says Spaceydust.

Spaceydust and Icy go to Alexa. They hop on Alexa and command Alexa to go to Earth. Next, Alexa zooms to Earth and causes Spaceydust to nearly fall over. Alexa goes hypersonic fast, and they fly for a few seconds. Finally, they reach Earth. They land in front of a giant glass building.  The people are too busy looking at their laptops, and they don’t notice the aliens or Alexa.

Spaceydust asks, “What are we doing here Icy?  Where’s the dance party?”

Icy replies, “In the glass building.”

The aliens use Alexa to make the people dance for the dance party. After the aliens finish using Alexa to make the people dance, Spaceydust says, “We did it!”

Then Icy says, “Yeah! We did!”  Suddenly everything and all living things in the world start to run to the glass building’s door. Everything enters the one glass door to dance. Icy cheers as everything and living things run in the door.

“Yay! Everything is in!“ says Icy. Both Spaceydust and Icy dance.

About an hour later, while everything is still dancing, Spaceydust says, “We need to go!”

“Why?” Icy asks.

“Because Alexa will melt in two minutes!” says Spaceydust.

Icy says, “Oh no! We have to get outta here immediately!”

So Icy and Spaceydust get on Alexa and say bye to everything and living things and zoom outta Earth and head for Neptune.  They zoom! Past everything all the way to Neptune. Icy nearly falls off! Finally, they reach Neptune.

“Alexa is safe now,” says Icy.

“Yeah,” replies Spaceydust. Suddenly everything and all the living things on Earth decide to go to Neptune so everything and all the living things on Earth wear their rocket boots and blast off to Neptune to continue the dance party. When the people land on Neptune, Spaceydust and Icy are happy to see them and they also have a dance party.


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