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Julia Archer Author Photo - holding an eagle on her arm

Julia Archer grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, and in Singapore. As a young mother, she lived in Papua New Guinea and rural South Australia. Ten years in Pakistan followed, then eighteen months in Kazakhstan. She still travels at every opportunity, from her present base in Adelaide.

This life has provided rich material for someone who loves writing, photography, history, meeting people, and getting totally lost in the back streets of Samarkand or on Ireland’s remote rural roads.

Julia is an avid reader, has a degree in creative writing, and her short stories have been published in anthologies. She has a particular heart for Middle Grade and Young Adult audiences. This is an age of joy and promise and discovery, but also – very often – of pain and uncertainty. If you’ve been there, you want to hold out a hand through your stories and say, “It will be okay. It really will.”

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