Catch Me if you Can

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Every big boy super hero needs a darling and daring little sister as a super side kick to put fear in the hearts of the Ruby Racketeers in the Land of Milly Gardens! Together, the two fight crime, perform rescue missions, and make sure the Land of Milly Gardens is a safe and fun place to live for its citizens, but not a minute before they grub, rub a dub, brush teeth, and prepare for bed!

“Aj! Moriah!”

Both reply in unison, “Yes, Daddy?!”

“What’s that noise? You two better be in bed!”

Aj whispers to Moriah “RyRy you’re going to get us caught!”

Moriah responds, “Sorry, Sorry these Ruby Racketeers are trying to get away!”

“Don’t worry RyRy they’re no match for the Mitch Kids!”

“Quick! Hop on before they get away!”

Moriah hops on the back of the whopping four wheeler and grabs hold of Aj as they speed through the jungle. The Ruby Racketeers are dashing through trying to escape with Emperor Peter’s magical sword.

“Aj! Hurry! We’re running out of time. Activate your laser beam lenses to stop them in their tracks.”

“Good thinking Moriah!”  Aj presses his shades. “Laser beams! Activate!”

A giant red laser beam shoots from his glasses and hits the nearest tree bringing down a limb falling on the two Ruby Racketeers. They instantly fumble and fall to the ground. Aj slams on the breaks and he and Moriah jump off and tie up the two villains.

Moriah says “Ruby Racketeers it’s time to pay the piper!”

The Ruby Racketeers continue to fidget in efforts to break loose.  Aj laughs and says “Save it you creeps! There’s no way you can get out of our super stronghold rope ties made especially for thieves like you two!” They both throw them in the back of the caddy and head back to Milly Garden’s Town Hall.

Emperor Peter looks out the window and he sees Moriah and Aj approaching with his magical sword. He instantly smiles and runs out the door waving his hands.

“Mitch Kids! You did it! You got my sword back!”

Moriah hands the sword to the Emperor and replies “Our pleasure Emperor Peter! Those Ruby Racketeers are no match for us!”

Emperor Peter grabs his sword and all of the jewels begin to shine bright streaming high beams of color into the sky. Moriah and Aj look in amazement.

“Thanks again Mitch Kids. I don’t know what Milly Gardens would do without you, which is why I appoint you two as the Sacred Stewards of this Town. We are safe under your care.”

Moriah and Aj kneel on one knee as Emperor Peter gently taps their shoulders with his sword. They are both instantly embellished in gold armor laced with ruby and emerald jewels. The Mitch Kids can’t believe their eyes.

Aj folds his arms and says “We the Mitch Kids are ready to serve and protect Milly Gardens!

Moriah adds with her hands on her hips “But not a minute before we grub, rub a dub, brush our teeth!”


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