My Dog Goes To Mars

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During the night, many young children and their dogs or cats look up into the beautiful night sky and dream. I had a dog, and his name was Chester. One night, he told me about his adventure to Mars.

Like every dog, he was lying on his bed, licking his favourite bone. Then, he saw something shoot across the sky.

“What was it?” he wondered. He decided to check it out. He ran with his ears flapping and his belly jiggling up and down. He stared in amazement as he realised the thing that flew across the sky was a unicorn!

The unicorn took Chester around the world, where he saw Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. He told me it was the best day ever. The unicorn still had more plans and decided to take my dog into space. Luckily, Chester had brought a space suit. What a smart dog. He saw the moon, the beautiful rings of Saturn and last but not least, his favourite big, red planet, Mars.

He politely asked the unicorn if it was possible to take him to his favourite planet. Once there, he gazed at Mars’ miraculous mountains and landscapes. The unicorn had dropped him next to the biggest volcano in the solar system: Mount Olympus. It was massive.

“This day could not get better,” my dog told me.

Well, it did. It turned out Mars was inhabited by dogs: his cousins. They had the best time ever. They had parties, good food, and the best drinks.

However, Chester knew it was time to go back home as he was once taught by a very wise man that happiness comes from your family. In his case, happiness was me.


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