The Worried Ladybug Mama

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Ladybug Mama outside house

One day a little ladybug mother stood in her yard and said, “Oh my, all of my little children have flown away, what will I do?”

Her little green grasshopper friend who just happened to be sitting on a rock nearby said, “Don’t worry my little ladybug friend, they’ll be back.  I think I saw them flying down toward the park earlier, they probably just went to play with their sow bug friends or the hedgehog twins.”

“Oh, thank you, dear Mr Green grasshopper, I was so worried about my little ladybug babies, but you have eased my fear and made me happy. Now I can go in and make lunch so it will all be ready for them when they come home. Would you like to stay and have a picnic with us outside on the lawn?”

“Well yes, Mrs Ladybug dear, that sounds lovely. I am quite hungry indeed.”

So, Mrs Ladybug went inside to make a brunch of little teeny tiny sandwiches and cookies and a teeny tiny pitcher of lemonade then flew it out on a bright red tray.

Mr Green grasshopper hopped over and said, “Oh let me help you with that dear,” and set it down on the grass on the beautiful red and white checkered blanket. Just then they heard tiny little voices in the distance and looked up to see the little ladybug children flying toward home, their hedgehog friends following close behind.

“Oh, there you are children, I was so worried when I came outside, and you weren’t playing in the yard. Don’t ever leave like that again without telling your Mama!”

All the little ladybug children gathered around their mother and cried, “Oh, we’re sorry mama, we’ll never do it again, we just were so excited when we heard the news. We were playing in the yard when the hedgehog twins came by and said there was a carnival in the park. But when Lilly went in to ask, she couldn’t find you, we’re so sorry, Mama!”

“Oh, I must have been out back watering flowers or perhaps hanging your little ladybug pajamas on the line. But no worries my dears, everything is fine now, take your friends and go inside and wash your little hands, then we’ll all have a picnic with our dear friend Mr Green Grasshopper and the hedgehog twins.”

So, everyone sat down to eat until their tummies were so full, then happy and satisfied they all lay down in the warm sun and took a nice long nap.

The End

For Matthew, Andrew and Annabelle

Ladybug on a yellow flower



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4 thoughts on “The Worried Ladybug Mama

  1. Debra Post

    My 4 yr. old granddaughter loved this. It’s rare that she will sit still long enough to hear a whole story, but she loves ladybugs and was captivated by it. I hope to see more like it in the future! thank you


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