Where Stars Came From

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Once upon a time, the Sun and Moon were great friends.

There was no night because they were always together.

Children played the whole day, without feeling sleepy.

No one in the world knew anything about beds or sleeping.

One day, as they flew together, they saw the Ocean.

She was the most beautiful thing that they have ever seen.

The Ocean enjoyed the Sun’s warmth, and Moon’s decorated face.

She loved the Moon more than the Sun.

Whenever her eyes gazed upon the Moon, she created waves and tides in excitement.

This made the Sun very jealous.

One afternoon, as the Ocean slept, the Sun did something terrible.

He slowly lifted the Moon, and threw him against the wall of the sky!

Instead of breaking like glass, the Moon created millions of sparks which couldn’t go out.

He called the sparks “stars.”

The Stars knew what the Sun had done to the Moon.

Angry at the Sun, they formed an army and attacked him!

Before they could attack the Sun, the Ocean stopped them with a question.

“Where are you going little stars?” she asked the Stars.

“We have gone to destroy the Sun!” they replied.

The Moon did not want either the Sun or Moon to be hurt or destroyed in a fight.

She loved both of them.

This made her think of a plan fast.

“I have an idea!” she told the Stars.

The Moon called both the Moon and Sun.

She told them to share their time with her.

The Sun would visit her in the day, and the Moon at night.

Both of them were very happy with the idea!

This made the Ocean happy too!

The Stars followed the Moon everyday, to protect him from the Sun.

From that day onwards, people saw the Sun in the day and the Moon at night.

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10 thoughts on “Where Stars Came From

  1. Saskia

    Great story I read it to my mommy before bed and she loved it!thanks for the great story and I love that it wasn’t too long or short

  2. FWilliams

    This is a very clever story. Thank you! There is a typo that you might want to fix.
    “I have an idea!” she told the Stars.
    The Moon called both the Moon and Sun.
    I think you meant: “The Ocean called both the Moon and the Sun.”

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  4. Mary

    I liked the story, it sounds like a fable. It does have teaching components. Demonstrates how to get along together.


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