Laura’s Dreams

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Note: This story is categorised for teens or older as it deals with the important but challenging theme of mental illness.

Dear Diary,

It happened again last night. It was really weird. I was asleep, dreaming. It was a mundane dream: I was at school, in class. Melanie was there. I told her that I’d never really liked her and she started to cry. I don’t think that really. It was horrible. But then Melanie wouldn’t talk to me all day today. I kept asking her why, but she wouldn’t tell me. Eventually, Tabitha told me it was because I’d been mean to her the previous day. It’s not fair! They can tell what I dreamt. Dreams aren’t real. She shouldn’t hold that against me. I wonder if she knows she can read dreams.

Confused, Laura x


Dear Diary,

I didn’t dream last night, so I know I can’t have upset anyone. Melanie finally spoke to me but didn’t know she could read dreams so accused me of making it all up. She’s going to try and do it again tonight, so fingers crossed that I say something nice!

Excited, Laura x


Dear Diary,

I dreamt that I wet myself in the middle of P.E. class. Not only did Melanie remember it, but my entire class did! They spent all day mocking me. It was awful. Why do they all have this power except me?

Alone, Laura x


Dear Diary,

Last night’s dream was that I shouted at Dad, and he grounded me. I hope he can’t read dreams too because it’s Stacey’s party this weekend and I’m so excited for it! He didn’t seem cross today, so think I’m OK.

Hopeful, Laura x


Dear Diary,

I am grounded! It’s so unfair. Dad didn’t understand when I told him it had only happened in a dream. I’m going to miss the party, and everyone was going to be there. I got very cross and shouted at him for real. He sent me to my bedroom.

Upset, Laura x


Dear Diary,

Spoke to dad about the dream thing. He wants to know if it happens again. I guess the power is new to him too. Melanie’s very disappointed that she hadn’t remembered any of my dreams in ages. Still grounded.

Bored, Laura x


Dear Diary,

Terrible dream last night: the school caught fire, and somehow it was my fault. No matter how I tried to stop it, it just got worse and worse. Dad remembered this dream too. He thinks that the school might remember it as well as Dad had to collect me early from school.

Sad, Laura x


Dear Diary,

Had to have a chat at school about the fire that I dreamt. Everyone looked very concerned, and no-one understood that it was only a dream. I’m not going to school for the rest of the week.

Worried, Laura x


Dear Diary,

Met with a doctor. They don’t understand why people can read my dreams. Another doctor tomorrow.

Examined, Laura x


Dear Diary,

I did not like the new doctor at all. He said that it wasn’t possible to read dreams even when I gave him proof. He just didn’t listen to me and said I was making it all up. It made me feel really rubbish. Dad spoke to him afterwards, and now I have to take a tablet every evening. I feel all grown up: grown-ups take tablets.

Pleased, Laura x


Dear Diary,

I’m still not allowed to go to school, but last night I dreamt that I went anyway and everyone was helping me to sneak around. I was hidden in the store cupboard, in the toilets and under desks. Finally, the teacher caught me and sent me home. Dad was very concerned this evening. His hair was rumpled like when he’s had a stressful day at work. He told me off for going to school and wouldn’t listen when I said it was a dream. I guess the doctor got to him because he just said it wasn’t possible.

Unhappy, Laura x


Dear Diary,

I was marched back to the bad doctor again today. Dad said I had to. The doctor explained that what I was experiencing wasn’t real. I said that it was. We argued for a bit then he spoke to Dad again. Two tablets this time.

Ignored, Laura x


Dear Diary,

Everyone’s horrible! Dad’s horrible. The doctor’s horrible. School’s horrible. No-one will listen to me. I know it’s unusual, so why aren’t they excited about it?! It’s not my fault that they can read my dreams. It’s not fair!

Angry, Laura x


Dear Diary,

Tablets make me feel bad. I want to stop taking them, but Dad said I’m not allowed.

Ill, Laura x


Dear Diary,

I dreamt that I was up on the roof last night. The wind was cold against my night-dress. I felt a compulsion to jump, just to see what happened. I didn’t though: I just came back to bed. I didn’t tell Dad about it because hearing about my dreams seems to upset him anyway. I guess he’ll just remember it anyway. Hope I don’t have another dream like that, it was scary.

Tired, Laura x


—– End —–

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