Unicorn Wings

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Once upon a time in a forest far, far away there lived a snow-white unicorn among the other creatures in the forest. She was happy and content with her beautiful life, but the one thing she wished for, more than anything else, was to have a pair of elegant wings.

She often looked at the birds and butterflies, soaring high in the sky, so one day she set out to find a creature who could give her their wings.

First, she met a bluebird. “Oh, bluebird,” she said, “can you give me your wings?”

“I’m sorry,” said the bluebird, “but my wings are the wrong colour for you.”

Next, the unicorn met a butterfly. “Oh, butterfly,” she sighed, “can you give me your wings?”

“I’m sorry,” said the butterfly, “but my wings are the wrong size for you.”

By now it was nighttime, and the miserable unicorn sat down by the pond. Suddenly, she heard someone cry out for help. Turning around, she saw a winged unicorn stuck in a thorny gorse bush. She hurried to free the unicorn with her horn.

“Thank you for saving me,” said the other unicorn. “Here is the reward for your kind heart.”

Then there was a bright silver flash, and the unicorn, looking at her reflection in the pond, saw that she too had wings!

So she flew up into the sky to be happy forever.

Flying unicorn

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