The Strangest Dream Ever

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Once upon my bed, a nasty noise came to my ears. A mosquito flying around! I was so tired of going hunting those creepy creatures all day… Not willing to keep doing it that late in the night, I decided to cover my face with the blanket and repeat to myself: “I want to sleep, I want to sleep, I want to sleep …”

The noise, though, was getting louder and louder. I could not stand it any longer, so I got up just to realize that I was inside the mosquito! Indeed! Then a gate opened on one side of the flying beast and a voice said: “JUMP!” Not sure why but that is what I did without thinking too much.

Contrary to what I would have expected it was quite warm outside, and extremely  windy. The pressure on my face while I was falling down was deforming  it into the funniest of gestures. Feeling goofy I started laughing at myself with a wide open mouth, and I could not close it. Suddenly, to my surprise, my body was peeled up like a banana. The falling stopped.

Don’t know how to explain it, I had no body but I was floating. Then I started to fly and got used to it very fast, like remembering something that was natural to you after a long time. Could not imagine it was that easy, just a matter of wishing. If I wished to go up, I went up. If I wished to go down, I went down. Left, right, backward, forward … Any direction! Believe me, flying gives you a powerful feeling and is real fun.

But I could not stop. How can you stop a no-body?  I flew for a while until I noticed in the distance a hill. In the top of the hill there was some kind of strange building, and curious I approached it. Closer I observed that the building was a restaurant with a terrace, and some people were seated around oval tables.

I landed on the terrace and started moving over the surface, much like I was walking, towards the restaurant’s entrance. Apparently nobody saw me. Of course! How could they? As soon as I crossed the entrance I noticed the blue phone cabin, there on the right. A man was inside, talking. I did not pay much attention  and kept going. Arriving to the reception’s desk, the man’s scream behind me: “Hey, You!” paralysed me. His eyes were staring at me in a hypnotic way and I could not move an inch, anymore.

Next I woke up. The mosquito had just bitten the tip of my nose. Ouch! It itches!

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5 thoughts on “The Strangest Dream Ever

  1. Robert

    Are you kidding me that was great very imaginative crazy and it still rolled off the tip of my tongue very easy while telling my children thank you


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