The Spider and Santa Claus

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A long, long time ago, a spider was having a good time happily hanging from the ceiling in the house of a nice family. She loved watching everything and everyone from above.

It was Christmas Eve that day and, broom in her hand, the mother was busily cleaning the house. When the spider saw the broom she said to herself: “Oh, gosh. I’d better run away. Brooms are definitely not my cup of tea!”

And saying so, the spider fled upstairs to the attic to escape the broom.

After the mother had finished cleaning, the whole family got together to decorate the Christmas tree.

When the night came and the house was deeply in silence, the spider slowly crept downstairs. And then she saw the beautiful tree with the glittering colours. She could not resist the temptation and scurried up the trunk, out along each branch. She was so happy while climbing up that she forgot she was a spider, and spiders spread webs.

Alas! By the time she had reached the top, the poor Christmas tree was completely shrouded in the spider’s dusty grey webs.

The spider was very sad and did not know what to do. Suddenly then, she heard a noise and saw Santa Claus coming with the gifts for the children. She took courage and asked him humbly for help, so that she could repair what she had done.

Santa Claus saw the tree covered with spider webs and was a little upset. But after reflecting for a while, he smiled. He knew already how to solve this unfortunate situation while keeping the spider happy and avoiding that the whole family sees the tree covered with the ugly webs.

Santa Claus simply turned the web threads into silver and gold! And the tree sparkled and shimmered as never before!

And that’s why since that day, people have tinsel on their Christmas trees! And legend says that a Christmas spider on its branches brings good luck!

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