The Softball Game

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Doctor Thomas Finklemyer was the best foot doctor in Retaw, Ohio. And everyone who knew him thought that he was the happiest man in town. He always had a smile on his face and would walk his little dog every Saturday in the park by his office.

The doctor had his office in one of the oldest buildings in Retaw. His office was once a little house owned by the first Mayor of Retaw, Walter Whistler. Walter was also the owner of the first soda shop in town. On a Saturday afternoon, the kids in town would gather there for their fill of root beer and lemonade.

One Saturday afternoon, at the annual town softball game, a boy slid onto first base and fractured his ankle.

Everyone was worried about the boy but Dr Finklemyer was right there helping the boy into his car to take him to his office.

The boy was Scotty Whistler, the great-grandson of Retaw’s first Mayor.

At the doctor’s office, Scotty asked the doctor, “Is my ankle going to be okay? Will it hurt when you fix it? Will I be able to play softball again?”

“Whoa!” said the doctor. “Your ankle will be just fine. You will have to stay off of it for a week or two so your bones will heal. They will fix themselves in no time because your body is strong and you are young. So don’t you worry one bit.”

Scotty smiled as the doctor put a snug wrap on his ankle then gave him a stick of gum.

“There you go, Scotty. Remember now, no running and no softball for a while. Maybe you can help coach and cheer for your team.”

Scotty got off the table and took the crutch that the doctor gave him and hobbled out the door where his dad was waiting to take him home.

That night, Scotty dreamed that he was a great baseball player playing for the Yankees and always hitting home runs. He dreamed that he had fans everywhere that he went. Scotty was very happy.

The next morning when he awakened, he saw that he had kicked all the covers off his bed. He laughed and knew that it was his dream of home runs that got him to kick his covers off.

At the next softball game, people were cheering him as he walked on to the field with his crutch. They knew who he was and how brave he was when he slipped that day. Scotty wanted to stay in the game but his coach had Doctor Finklemyer to fix him up.

The voice over the loudspeaker said, “Softball fans, Scotty Whistler will toss the first ball of this game. Let’s all clap for the brave Scotty Whistler.”

Everyone clapped and cheered. Scotty felt so proud because both teams were cheering him.

That year Scotty learned that no matter who you are and what status you hold in life, people will love you for who you are and how you treat others.

Retaw, Ohio had a giant living among them named Scotty Whistler.

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