Get out of My Shoe

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Wilma, the mother of seventeen full-of-life kids, was busy sweeping and tidying up her home which happened to be home in the shape of a shoe! This 72-year-old mom loved her four stories tall shoe home, and her kids could not stand the stinky smell of the old leather from the shoe, at times especially when it got so hot outside the shoe became very very stinky indeed!

All seventeen kids had to agree that their home was stinky, but it was home, Will the second elldest son insisted they all stop calling it a shoe but wanted to correct his family and call it a boot, cause it probably was a boot! Habits are habits, no one ever called their home a boot! Little did they know…

After a long hibernation, the giant came down from the mountain to find his forgotten left boot inhabited by pests. Enraged, he gave the old woman and her many children three days to vacate the shoe. Panicked, the mother didn’t know what to do. However, her children hatched a plot.

The children gathered, and again Will, the second eldest took command. They would head to the forest nearby and gather what they could to prevent the giant’s takeover. The youngest gathered pebbles, and stones, while the middle to the oldest gathered pinecones. The oldest five sorted out a porcupine….

The giant returned exactly three days later, really to get rid of his boot dwellers. The mom stood near her home shivering in fear, and crying, Will stepped closer to the giant and said, “Here you go, step into your boot and see how cosy we made it for you!”

The giant grinned and did just that, as he did his foot hit the porcupine quivers, and then the porcupine slid away as the giant’s now painful foot stepped on the pinecones and pebbles!

“Ouch!” said the giant!

Surprisingly to the large family, the giant turned and limped away, never to return!

Mom turned and hugged each of her many kids and together they quickly cleaned out their home, thanked the porcupine, and lived happily ever after in their beloved—albeit stinky—home.

The End

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