The Secret Language

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It was a very boring day at school, and I was very eager to leave the school grounds. I was just rounding the corner when I bumped into Mr Chechyme, our weird, creepy chemistry teacher. I call him Mr Che for short. Me and my friend, Kate try to figure out if he has invented something yet. We think he has a secret lab somewhere.  We had made many silly plans about following him some day to check, but we weren’t serious about it. But still, that day I decided to follow Mr Che and find out and see where he lived.

To my surprise, he went into a single one floored block. It used to be a lab and Mr Che’s grandfather, a great scientist, used to work there 70 years ago. I waited outside his house until I saw him leave. Then I went inside his house to investigate. To my surprise, even though I had talked about it with Kate many times, I found a door marked “Lab”.

As I cautiously stepped into the room, I noticed that, unlike the other science labs I see on T.V., this lab was a circular room with a table at the far end. On the table, I saw only a normal pen and a notebook. I picked up the notebook and started flipping through it, hoping to find any information about any weird gadget that he might be building. But all I could find was collections of strange symbols. Then I heard a voice.

”Investigated enough?” a deep voice asked suddenly. I turned around and saw Mr Che with an angry frown on his face.

”Um, yes I-I was just going. But can you first tell me a little more about this strange calligraphy?” I stammered in reply.

He replied, “You’re the most curious student in my class. So I’ll tell you all about my work.” Mr Che then led me into a secret room which he entered by pressing a hidden button on the wall. I didn’t even believe it was real!

Inside the room, I saw the same strange script written on the wall. I gasped at the script written everywhere and was fascinated.

“Um, can I call Kate too?” I asked Mr Che.

”Sure, if you want to,” he replied. So, using Mr Che’s phone, I called Kate and told her to come fast. She arrived 10 minutes later. I told her all the details, and she started jumping up and down in excitement. Mr Che  showed us some notes written in the “universal language used to talk to aliens”. Then he showed us a script with a different handwriting which he said was a response from aliens.

”Where do you think these came from?” Kate asked.

”Probably from the planet Z50F0Y2, only 350 light years from here,” he explained.

I was getting really excited, so I asked Mr Che if he could take us to planet Z50F0Y2, and to my surprise, he said yes!

When I asked him why he agreed so easily, he said, “I am very happy to see such young kids to be so interested in space, so I think why not let them explore more? And it gives me a chance to test this new gadget.”

He took us to a small round pad and said that that was the gift from the aliens to make space travel easier. We settled in comfortablly and got ready for a long ride to space. It took us only one day to reach planet Z50F0Y2. I was concerned that people at home would be worried about us, but Mr Che explained that as time passed differently, and it would only be an hour on earth. He told they were supposed to be bright blue slime creatures, as was written in the notes sent to us, and we all were very excited about seeing them.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, we only saw dried up yellow slimes. One of them told us that the water at the core wasn’t coming up to the surface, so they had a water shortage.

“Can’t they become drills and dig up some water?” asked Kate.

“Won’t they become dizzy after rotating for such a long time?” I quipped.

Since the water was only a little bit down on that planet, we decided to drill it using a special drill Mr Che quickly designed. We then started drilling a hole in the surface.

After a few minutes of drilling, water started to pour out. The slimes were overjoyed to see water after so many days. The bright electric blue color started returning to them as well.

They thanked us by giving us a meal of delicious alien food. We had lots of fun experiences with the friendly blue slimes, and as we left, we told them we hoped to visit them once again.

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22 thoughts on “The Secret Language

  1. Huma parveen

    Hi little angel pankhuri!! MashaAllah Ur supremely talented I must say hugs n wishes fr uh…u’ll go a long way.. Insha Allah ☺

  2. Athni Shetty

    You got a vivid imagination dear Pankhuri and you have beautifully contained it in a short story. This is commendable because some of the best writers need a few more pages to tell their story and you are still a child.
    More power to you sweetheart. Keep honing your writing skills and you will go a long way.
    Love & luck
    Athni Shetty

  3. Ashutosh sinha

    Hi Pankhudi,
    Very good attempt. Nicely flown story with happy ending. Wanted to see more visualization for room and lab. But well written. Keep up the great work.
    God bless!

    1. Vijay Bahadur

      Beautiful flow and awesome imagination! We are reading from a future novelist. Keep writing, sharing and honing your skills!

  4. R K Saxena

    Congratulations dearPankhuri
    Very beautiful story written by you
    It shows that you have a strong desire to go to space.
    Your dreams will be fulfilled in future


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