The Most Unusual Zoo

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Joey shouted. “Look at that weird bug!”

“That’s not a bug. It’s a tiger with fur that looks like a ladybug,” said Cole.

Inside the tiger exhibit was a large four-legged insect with red fur and black spots, and when it opened its mouth to roar, it just made a gentle squeak.

Luke read the inscription. “It’s a Ladytigerbug discovered on an unnamed planet in the Andromeda Galaxy.”

“I think it’s cool,” Cole snapped a photo.

Chase walked towards the other exhibit. “I think it’s ugly.”

Joey ran ahead of his brothers. “Wow!”

Cole and Luke looked on in horror.

Inside the thick green bars was a large giraffe-like bug with a tiny ant’s head.

Joey read the inscription. “Girannte, found on Planet Strategonian.”

Chase shrugged his shoulders. “Let’s keep going.  I want to see something really weird and amazing.”

His brothers winked at each other and trotted after him.

Luke called out, “Chase, you didn’t even glance at this one.”

Chase paused. “It’s no big deal. It’s just a stupid Butterphant from the Planet Oriona.”

Joey snapped a picture of the strange insect that looked like orange and black elephant with Monarch Butterfly ears that were flapping back and forth.

The boys followed Chase down a narrow hallway until they arrived at the next exhibit.

“Yikes!” shouted Cole. “It’s a Deerhopper, from the Planet Gojobu.

Chase barely looked at the weird bug. It was a giant grasshopper with a deer head and giant antlers.

Luke looked at his brothers in disbelief and grabbed Chase’s arm. “How can you not see how awesome this is?”

Chase shrugged his shoulders. “You’ve seen one weird bug you’ve seen them all.” He ran to through the remaining exhibits with barely a glance.

His brothers stopped to look at each unusual insect with amazement and kept snapping pictures. There were Monkeybees that were eating bananas from Planet Bulgon, Firegoats that glowed from Planet Uton, and Snakepillars that slithered from Planet Sultrin. There were tons more, but they had to stop looking, so they could keep up with Chase.

When they reached the last exhibit, Chase shouted. “Look, guys! Isn’t this the weirdest bug you have ever seen?”

The brothers all gasped.

Luke read the sign. “Common housefly from Planet Earth.”

The boys snapped a bunch of pictures.

Joey smiled at Chase. “You did it again. You found the most unique one.”

Luke and Cole nodded and gave him a high five.

“I can’t wait to go to the Very Odd Fish Zoo next week,” said Chase.

Luke replied, “Maybe they’ll have one of those really strange goldfish…from Planet Earth.”

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