The Gold Chain

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Tinu rabbit and Montu monkey were going to school happily, discussing about their favourite TV characters Tom and Jerry. Suddenly they noticed Hiru dada riding his blue bicycle looking here and there.

Tinu whispered – “I think, he had lost something. Something valuable I guess.”

Montu nodded and replied in a low voice – “Yeah and how fast he was riding?”

Tinu rolled his eyes and said-“ I think he might be getting late to open his bakery shop.”

“Oh! Those delicious cakes and pastries,” they spoke together and licked their lips as they ran through the inviting images of cakes and pastries in their mind.

Just then Tinu spotted something shining in the dust.

“Wow! what a dazzling gold chain this is!” he cried with joy.

“Awesome, we have found his lost chain!” Montu giggled.

Tinu whispered-“This chain looks quite expensive so we should immediately go and give it to Hiru Dada.”

And without wasting a minute, they almost ran to Hiru Dada’s shop.

When they entered the shop, Hiru Dada was dealing with the customers.

Tinu said in a low voice-“The smell of chocolate pastries is driving me crazy.”

Montu’s mouth also got watered looking at his all-time favourite strawberry cakes.

After a moment Hiru Dada looked at them and asked surprisingly-“What are you doing here? Aren’t you getting late for your school?”

Hearing this, they both came out from their delicious imaginary world. Their dream world of mouth-watering cakes and pastries came unbroken.

Tinu took out the gold chain from his pocket and said-“Your gold chain…”

Seeing such an expensive chain, Hiru Dada was surprised. He replied-“But I have not lost anything.”

Montu came ahead and replied-“We had observed you in a panicked mood some time back. It seemed you were looking here and there continuously searching for something precious.”

Hiru Dada laughed and replied smilingly-“Hahaha! I had pain in my neck, so I was rotating my neck to get rid of that pain.”

Then Hiru dada looked at the chain and said-“I will give it to inspector Cheeetah, he will give it to its real owner.”

Tinu and Montu smiled after hearing this and said-“Now we must leave for school.”

“Won’t you want to taste your favourite delicious cakes in your lunch?” Hiru Dada asked lovingly.

“We don’t have money,” Montu replied in a sad voice.

“I am very happy at your honesty and sincerity my little kids. So treat this as a small gift from my side,” Hiru dada said while giving a box of their all-time favourite strawberry and chocolate cake.”

“Hurraaahhhh! THANK YOU!” they both cried with joy and left for the school happily.

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