The Cow, the Crow, and the Cat

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A simple farmhouse sat between the fields of golden wheat and green grass, which was easily being gnawed on by plump cows and their many young calves.

Tall oaks surrounded the family’s home, often filled with cawing crows, black and bluebirds battling for a branch, and the often arrival of the boastful bully buzzard, who attempted to own the trees. The flight full dance of a fight would occur, with the bluebirds swiftly flying away.

Inside the simple family home were the farmer and his wife, along with their three sons and one baby girl. Let’s not forget the family cat, Simson. Simson was a tabby, with dark green eyes, and it was obvious he ruled the family and owned the home.

Simson was outside lounging in the tall green grass on a warm spring day, as his male people worked around the land, chopping wood, digging trenches, or feeding the cattle. Growing bored, Simson wandered towards the cows, as he approached he could hear one cow say, “My isn’t that a sight”!

Simson pondered, “Is that a compliment or is that an insult?” Simson greeted overly politely and said to the gathering of munching cows: “Good morning, I am Samson, King, and ruler of the land!”

The comment brought a group-wide burst of laughter.

“Well, look at me,” he continued, “I’m sleek, fierce, and quite handsome to look at, besides the family loves me!”

One nosy crow who was sitting on a nearby oak tree branch overheard this cat’s comments, then flew closer and said, “Hey there feline, it is I who is not only beautiful, full of sleek black feathers, fierce and regarded to be rather brilliantly minded, plus I can fly!”

Simson sat back and flashed his paw relieving his razor-sharp nails, and huffed, “Dear crow, yes, you are, and surely can do all that, but the family doesn’t love you, but oh the family often says you’re a bothersome group!”

The two bickered for several moments until one of the cows moved closer to the fence and said, “We might not be fierce, or as beautiful, but the family most certainly loves us best!”

“Why?” the crow and the cat asked together!

The cow mooed and said, “We nourish them, give them milk and meat so they can survive!”

The crow and the cat looked at each other as if to protest, but then reflected on what was just said. “Hard to argue on that,” said the crow, the cat merely nodded, then the crow flew away and the cat sauntered away, falling back to the tall green grass to lounge the remainder of the day.

The cows mooed together, a cow chuckle, you could say…as they walked towards their tall grass, knowing they indeed were the family favourite.

Moral: Nourishment is always to be appreciated.


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