The Bread King and Butter King

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Once upon a time there lived two kingdoms; the bread kingdom and butter kingdom.

Both kings were greatest of friends.

They ate breakfast, lunch, and supper together.

One day, a visitor came from the stars and visited Earth. She was called Aurora.

Aurora was a very beautiful lady, whose beauty was praised by people, birds and fish.

She first visited the bread king.

“Would you mind some bread?” the bread king asked.

“No, I don’t,” Aurora replied.

She enjoyed the bread so much, that she told the bread king that his bread was the sweetest thing that she has ever tasted.

The bread king was very happy to hear Aurora say that.

Satisfied with the bread, Aurora went to visit the butter king.

“Would you mind some butter?” the butter king asked.

“No, I don’t,” Aurora replied.

She enjoyed the butter so much, that she told the butter king that his butter was the sweetest thing that she has ever tasted.

“I will go back to my home, the stars, and tell them of your wonderful planet,” Aurora said.

It is after learning of each other’s praises that the kings grew jealous of each other.

The bread king said his kingdom’s bread were sweeter than butter, while the butter king said his kingdom’s butter was sweeter than bread.

Fighting for the praise for sweetness, both kingdoms went to war.

The soldiers fought day and night.

Aurora was so sad when she returned the second time on Earth.

She could not believe both kings were fighting each other.

“Why are you fighting the bread king?” Aurora asked the butter king.

“He says his bread is sweeter than my butter!” the butter king angrily replied.

To get to know the origin of the war, Aurora visited the butter king.

“Why are you fighting the butter king?” Aurora asked the bread king.

“He says his butter is sweeter than my bread!” the bread king angrily replied.

Answers of both kings only made Aurora to laugh.

“That is the silliest reason to fight!” she told both kings.

They were so ashamed to hear her say those words.

All was not lost. Aurora had a solution to the problem.

“I have a good idea! Bread can be cut into slices, and then butter is applied between two slices. We will call it butter sandwich. What do you think?” she said.

Both kings were so pleased about that idea.

From that day on, the kings were friends again!

Strangers from far away were also given a treat or two of the sweet butter sandwiches.

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